Meghan vs Meg: What’s in a name?

The Lord started dealing with me a while back about switching from Meg (my nickname) back to Meghan (my full name).  I wavered a bit initially because it didn’t seem worth the hassle.

I knew that Meghan meant “great mighty one” – a great meaning, but the problem was no one could ever spell my name right, which is why I had shortened it to Meg more than a decade and a half ago.  Allen was the one who started using my full name, which he did initially to kind of irritate me (And of you reading this who know him will be shocked, I’m sure! LOL!).

Anyhow, so I began using my full name when I started Dyed4you, but still wasn’t committed to making the switch despite the gentle nudges.

Finally God told me to look up the meaning of Meg as I was looking through a certain name site.  What I discovered surprised me, it meant – “a crass, brash woman.”  Wow.  And to make His point, the Lord asked me which I would rather be… well I’m sure you can guess which I picked!

All that to say – I am officially subjecting myself and everyone else to the hassle of a name change… I know it’s a pain – so I’m sorry. I promise I don’t get offended or anything when people don’t remember and still call me Meg… I’m just putting it out there so that perhaps people can manage to make the switch over time. 🙂

9 October 2011 Update

Just a note of clarification – there are other name sites and books that will give you different definitions of Meg. I am by no means trying to insult everyone whose name (or nickname) is Meg!  I’m simply sharing the word the Lord gave ME.  He knew the site I was on when He told me to look it up, He also knew the definition would resonate with me as an accurate description of the life I’d come out of. Therein was His point, we was restoring my TRUE name and identity, Meghan, and that description of me. Thus breaking off the old man. I hope that helps to clarify 🙂

9 thoughts on “Meghan vs Meg: What’s in a name?

  1. Alrighty MEGHAN!! 🙂 That’s so funny because I definitely felt a nudge to call you Meghan the other day. I think I actually wrote it in a comment or something. And Aaron said Hi Meghan to you the other day! Wow. God is so awesome 🙂

  2. It’s funny, Meghan, because I have two sets of people in my life. Those who call me by my first name and those who call me by my middle name! My hubby is the one who started calling me by my first name because he couldn’t see me as a “Pat” (Patricia). My family and old friends refuse to call me anything other than “Patricia” or “Pat”! It’s been SIXTEEN years: no change. They think we’re nuts for the name change. I can’t imagine being called “Pat” or “Patricia” everyday!

  3. Nope, can no longer call you Meg than because you are anything but brash and crass. Through all you have been through you are definitely a “great and mighty one.” I love you Meghan!

  4. Wow! that’s a powerful example of the purposefulness of our Father when He led our parents to name us. Meghan certainly suits you!

    My name R O S L Y N means “Giver of love” but the other common spellings ~ Rosalyn, Rosalind, etc. mean pretty rose. Nice but no where near the same thing.

    Can you imagine if people decided to call Jesus “J”

    Nice going, MEGHAN 🙂

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