Unity & Repositioning

I admit, I’m not a big fan of change. But I’ve learned over the years to trust the Lord when He brings it knowing that His plans for me are good. And well… He has some change afoot for me (and my hubby) now.

As many of you know, we’ve been at Destiny Church for the better part of six years now. During that time, we have loved being part of so many of the facets of Destiny, and during seasons have even felt like we practically lived there. 🙂 We’ve loved every moment! We’ve cherished the wonderful people that we have met while we’ve been there and the close friendships we’ve developed that will last a lifetime – we know those will remain constant regardless of what is in store for the next season.

The Lord began speaking to Allen that at some point He was going to move us to a new church home about two years ago. Finally several months ago, He began showing me the same thing. It’s been with some trepidation that we began praying over and considering what the Lord had in mind. You see we love Destiny and our family there and so have naturally been hesitant to step away from that. A little over a week ago, the Lord has made it clear where He wants to plant us and that the timing was now for us to say goodbye to Destiny as our church home. We’ve had numerous confirmation on the timing, which we’ve appreciated because we realize to most this will seem sudden. The Lord has grown us enormously at Destiny and He’s now simply repositioning us.

This has got me thinking about unity within the body of Christ as a whole. If instead of severing connections when people move, we made consistent efforts to maintain relationship and strengthen unity in the body – it makes me picture a net, the weaving of which occurs as the Lord positions and repositions us within the body – lots of interconnected ties weaving one, strong net. So for us, even as we move – we still remember we are connected in the Spirit to all our loved ones in the body (1 Cor 5:3).

We support Pastor Jim and the vision of Destiny and are continuing to cover him and the church in prayer. We have appreciated all the love and support we’ve received while at Destiny – in particular the leadership who’ve encouraged us so much and given us so many opportunities to grow and be stretched. We are better people and stronger believers for having fellowshipped with them for this past season, and we pray the Lord multiply the blessing they’ve been to us back to them one hundredfold!

The new fellowship we’re joining is in St. Charles and is called Passion for Truth. Undoubtedly, you will hear more right here on this blog – so stay tuned 🙂

Thank You Lord for this beautiful season You’ve given us at Destiny. And though we don’t see the fullness of it yet, we see the glimmering beauty of the season to come as well. I thank You for the grace You’ve given us to walk out this change – and Your tangible shalom as we’ve gone through our seasons of grieving. We pray blessings upon all those who we’ve known and loved at Destiny and we thank You for allowing us the opportunity to sow into their lives and the blessing of them having sown into ours. We thank You for the spirit of unity with all those You’ve connected us to. We trust You as You lead – You are our Shepherd and Your voice alone will we follow. Lead on… 🙂

7 thoughts on “Unity & Repositioning

  1. This was nicely stated, sweetie! Just like new that is woven together, it also catches things…those relationships that have been so important, so that they do not fall away or apart! I pray with all my heart that we stay connected, forever. You have delivered me so much revolation and love…my heart will forever be woven to yours. I thank God for you today and always! I love you to pieces! Now, go bless others, at your new church, with your heart and wisdom! The world needs Meghan Otto Williams!

  2. Wow Meghan – I know how much you love Destiny and how much you are loved at Destiny. Even with hearts such as you and Allen have, desiring to follow the Lord completely, this still had to be difficult. God would not have you make such a significant move without a significant reason and so I am very eager to see the fruit as you walk forth in loving obedience.

    … and … I second what Kacie said! 🙂

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  4. I had no idea… I had wondered why I hadn’t seen your faces in a while, but everyone has seasons where we don’t see them much. I just figured it was one of those. I miss you both already…but God does plant us in certain places for certain reasons. It won’t be the same riding to city outreaches in the van without Alan driving and joking around with us. Please stay in touch. God bless you in your “new home”.

  5. They will be blessed to have you, and you will fulfill your calling for this season in your life.

    Thank you for sharing an earlier season with us at Grace.

    God bless you both.


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