Sharing on Prayer at PFT

Last night at Passion for Truth, I got the privilege of sharing on a favorite topic of mine – prayer!  My pastor Jim Staley started off the evening via video (including calling a corporate fast), followed by Michael Gregory (one of our deacons and prayer team leaders), then me (starting about 32.5 min in), and wrapping up with Cheryl Staley – my pastor’s wife who has a passion about prayer that is contagious.

I make reference in my portion to my marriage testimony (which can be read here) and the “dripping” concept is something I shared in my How-To Pray without Ceasing post.

I encourage you to watch the whole thing, it was an impromptu evening and it was beautiful to see how Father knitted together all the pieces since we had not talked ahead of time about what each of us were going to share.  I pray you’ll be blessed by what the Father had each of us share 🙂

20 June 2016 Update

Bummer! It looks like they set the video setting to private. I’m leaving this here in hopes it is made available again!

7 thoughts on “Sharing on Prayer at PFT

  1. I’m REALLY loving the atmosphere of prayer and intercession happening at PFT!! Meghan Otto Williams, your speech about “dripping” REALLY helped me!

  2. I listened to it all and was blessed. How I miss those days of worship. I love you Meg and hearing you warmed my heart.

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