Tarries Not {poem}

Look ahead, beloved
For the time has yet to come
For tears to cease to flow
And death to be no more
Wait for it, beloved
Though it tarries, it tarries not

Keep your eyes fixed, beloved
Much seeks to steal your focus
Remember I AM sovereign
And My promises are matchless
Trust in them, beloved
Though they tarry, they tarry not

Be steadfast now, beloved
Though earthy death may come
My answer to prayer could seem unkind
And yet, My love it knows no bounds
Hold fast to Me, beloved
Though clarity may tarry, it tarries not

Stay strong in faith, beloved
Though winds and waves assault
You know that I AM coming
My Word is faithful and true
Wait and prepare, beloved
Though I tarry, I tarry not

Rejoice with Me, beloved
For the victory is assured
Death has been defeated
Pain and sorrow will be no more
Believe with Me, beloved
Though the vision tarries, it tarries not

Behold, I AM coming
Look ahead

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