The Pruning (Character Building Time) {poem}

Father, I yield to the pruning, for I know it’s for my best
So even when it hurts me, in Your presence I will rest

You cut away so faithfully so that I might grow strong
I embrace the pain as best I can and hope it won’t last long

The nights of trial feel endless, morning never seems to dawn
Though I know the testing is for my good, it feels like it just drags on

And through my laments You listen well, You hear each one of my cries
And then You catch each tear that falls from my weeping eyes

Cut away, oh Lord, what doesn’t bear fruit – I want nothing to hold me back
I’m in zealous pursuit of You, my King, and nothing will I lack

You cut away that You might bind, and bruise that You might heal
You tear me down to build me up, You strengthen me like steel

And even as I pour out my heart in cadence, word, and rhyme
I surrender, Lord, unto Your plan because it’s character building time

John 15:2 (NLV) He takes away any branch in Me that does not give fruit. Any branch that gives fruit, He cuts it back so it will give more fruit.

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