An Apology

I honestly don’t know how You put up with us.

I would be completely beating myself up for being a whiny schmuck except there is biblical precedent to our wildly swinging moods… take Elijah for example – who in 1 Kings 18 is calling down fire in front of all the prophets of Baal and in the next chapter (1 Kings 19) is asking to die (v4).

Lord, please heal me so I don’t have these embarrassing outbursts so frequently.  I truly just want to rest in You.

Please give me wisdom and speak to my heart… let my self worth rest solely in how You view me… help me to know what that looks like.

Thank You for forgiving me and still loving me…

One thought on “An Apology

  1. Ahh, he loves you so deeply – I’m pleading on your behalf that he would show you that love. That you would be able to rest in the peace of his love for you. You are also loved so deeply by the people around you… I’m one of them.

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