Author Meghan Williams

Meghan Williams (formerly Meghan Lee Otto) is the founder of Dyed4you Ministries and author of Daily Downloads from Heaven. Her passion is hearing the voice of God and helping others do the same. The fact that she gets to do that with luxurious silks and breathtaking art is just a bonus. The ministry receives countless testimonies (called scarf stories) – it’s amazing to hear what God is doing with these creations. Meghan has an MA in Media Communications and a PhD in Information Systems. In her previous careers, she worked both in academia and a corporate environment. 

Allen and Meghan Williams
Meghan with husband Allen

She loves her hubby, her family, ministry team and community, and is happiest when there’s a canine in residence. She and her husband, Allen have been married since November 2001, and God has written an amazing testimony in their lives and marriage. She and her husband have also been blessed to get to serve in a variety of positions over the years both in church and in the prayer room.

Heirs of Promise - Dyed4you ArtMeghan’s desire is to use all God teaches her wherever He has her to help grow and encourage others in their walks with Him. All honor and glory be unto Him. May God bless you as pursue Him with your whole heart!

Note: the posts on Meghan’s blog span many years. That time also represents growth and changes in her walk and understanding of the things of the Lord. Please extend grace as you share in that experience. There are pearls of wisdom to grasp at all the varying points of maturity, and this blog represents the full spectrum. We hope it encourages you to dig deeper and be willing to explore new ideas as well. Grace and peace to you as you pursue the mysteries of God.