Meghan WilliamsMy name is Meghan Williams, formerly Meghan Lee Otto (I don’t go by Meg).

If I were to sum up the goal/purpose of my life into one simple phrase it would be: to know the Lord and make Him known (which not surprisingly ties in with the mission of Dyed4you Ministries). I see God’s fingerprints all over my life (and the lives of others!).

I am passionate about prayer, worship, the prophetic (spoken, written, and art), challenging people (especially woman) to walk in the fullness of their callings (that pesky teaching anointing), and so many other things. 🙂

I love my hubby, my family, and am happiest when there’s a canine in residence. I am an avid reader.

Allen and Meghan WilliamsI have a wonderful husband, Allen. We were married on 23 November 201, and God has written an amazing testimony in our life and in our marriage. Even how we got our dog is a beautiful testimony to the fact God answers prayer (actually this was our previous dog, Sketch. But our current dog, Max, is a testimony too; just one of a different kind). (Find out more about God)


Meghan with a pair of MW Quill Wings and a Streamer both in the Dyed4you style CourageousIn the summer of 2006, God had me start dyeing scarves – and in October 2006, Dyed4you was born (and later our Etsy store Dyed4you Readymade). I am still humbled and overwhelmed by some of the amazing testimonies (which I call scarf stories) that I get to hear about what God is doing with these little creations! Then in Fall of 2009, God birthed Dyed4you Art, an off-shoot of Dyed4you. It is prophetic art that incorporates prophetic Dyed4you scarves in many of its images. Both the scarves and the images have meanings… visit the gallery to see what the Lord has birthed in this area of ministry.


We attended a wonderful church called Destiny where we were blessed to be part of the leadership team from the Fall of 2005 to Spring 2011. We had the opportunity to birth a prophetic ministry (connected to the church’s prayer room), which included compiling a team, putting the structure in place, and then leading the ministry once it had been birthed. We learned so much during the process and made lasting relationships.  Our friends there became like family, and still are even though Father eventually moved us to a new church body. 🙂

In Spring 2011, the Lord moved us from Destiny Church to Passion for Truth Fellowship. We loved getting plugged in and learning more about our roots and about pursuing Torah. Allen with a pair of XLH Dyed4you Quill Flags called Melek Kabowd (King of Glory)We both had the opportunity to serve in leadership and I was even on staff for a period of time (we just don’t connect “lightly” LOL!) And of course I thoroughly enjoyed getting to use my Dyed4you silks in worship and watching others using them too (see video clips of Dyed4you silks in action at PFT). We spent so much time at PFT it was like we lived at church! In early 2014, I began a quiet season at home as I went through some struggles. I still attended on and off during the next few years (to early 2016) and considered PFT my church home during that time.

In early 2017, the Lord planted us at gateway:61, which is pastored by a couple who were friends from Destiny. Allen had partnered with John when he was the outreach pastor at Destiny, and they worked closely together during that season; so stepping into gateway:61 for the first time felt like coming home even though we’d never attended there. Flags are welcome during worship, which for this silk-addict is a blessing! (Here’s Donna, the mother of Dyed4you, with a flag I brought her the first week we attended.)

In Closing

There’s lots of information about me on this site (or on its links) – probably more than you ever wanted or needed to know, but if you have any questions, or just want to drop me a note… feel free!

May God bless you as pursue Him with your whole heart!