I remember living in a place of anticipation with You.  Each day – even each moment – full of expectation that You would fulfill Your promises…

And I still believe You will.  I think I’m just aware that it may not (and most likely will not) look like I think it might.  There’s like an exuberance that’s not there anymore.  I miss it.

I want to be content, but not complacent.  Yet somehow still eagerly awaiting all that You’ve said.

How do I get back there?  How did I get away from there?

I need to go to bed… so I’ll close with these thoughts…

I desire to be expectant.  To anticipate all that You’ve promised.  To be open to Your working out of all those things whether they look like I thought they might or not.  I believe You could change big things right now.  I ask that if there is some hindrance in the heavenlies that keeps Your promises from arriving that those hindrances would be blocked in the name of Jesus!  That Your angels would do battle on our behalf and release that which You’ve allotted as our portion.

Thank You Lord, for Your patience with us… with me.  Help me to do better.  Be better.  Please You.

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