Creator. God of the Possible.

You amaze me.

Last night I giggled while I asked You what Your favorite thing about me is… But without hesitation You said, “Your laugh.”

Wow. I’m not sure what to even do with that! God that created heaven and earth loves my laugh. Which of course You created! Which is kind of fun. It’s like when I make a scarf I particularly enjoy… I enjoy it yet I made it. Huh.

My maker is in love with me. Jehovah Bore. Creator. You made me yet You’re in love with me. It’s me You love… not what I do. Although all I am capable of doing still comes from You because You’re the one who made me able to do anything I’m able to do.

You are not impressed with my capabilities. You – better than I – know what I am capable of which is likely far more than I could imagine!  What am I capable of that I have dismissed as impossible? “It’s the wrong question. All things are possible with Me.”

I’m not sure I believe that if I’m honest. Although ‘possible’ doesn’t mean ‘gonna happen’.

So I looked up “with God all things are possible” and checked out the Greek word for possible, which is dynatos.  It means a LOT more than I expected.

  1. able, powerful, mighty, strong
    • mighty in wealth and influence
    • strong in soul
      • to bear calamities and trials with fortitude and patience
      • strong in Christian virtue
  2. to be able (to do something)
    • mighty, excelling in something
    • having power for something

Possible is a much stronger word than I’d imagined. Not just might/might not as I’d imagined. That definitely lost something in translation!  Also interestingly, it is from the root word dynamai, which I blogged on back in May.


So what “possibles” do You have in store for me? There have been a lot of promises.  And still I wait… 🙂

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One thought on “Creator. God of the Possible.

  1. Wow, that’s not what I would have expected for “possible” either. That’s a deep meaning. I hope that soaks in for you, because that word really fits your life and how God has handled you thus far. He has shown that a ton of things have been possible for him.

    And as for your laugh, I’d have to say I like it quite a bit, too. 🙂

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