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Back in college in early 1990’s I began to collect movies.  I had amassed about 2000 (literally)  – many of them VERY ungodly in their content – when the problem was brought to my attention I gave the bulk of them away.

Fast forward a couple years and I began collecting again… this time since I was walking with the Lord I was a bit more careful about what I purchased – the bar had been raised so to speak, but I was not always as careful about what I rented.  One night when Allen’s children where over for the weekend and the youngest (Ashley) was about 11, I wouldn’t let her in the basement because the movie we were watching (Meet the Fockers – PG13) because it was filled with innuendos and other vulgarities.  Suddenly I felt the conviction of God, “Why is it ok for you but not ok for her?”

During this season God was steadily working to get my attention – He convicted me as I watched a Harry Potter movie with Ashley by asking me, “What are you opening her and yourself up to?  How can you be entertained by something that is an abomination to Me?”  Ouch!

As I reluctantly began to submit to what He was doing, I knew I needed to go through my movie collection and get rid of anything that would be entertaining myself with something that grieves the heart of God or is an abomination to Him.  Let me tell you – that was a LOT!  Do you know how much Disney has magic in it?  LOL! This time I didn’t give the movies away – if they’re not ok for me, why would I subject someone else to them?  So they were destroyed and disposed of.

Some family and friends thought I was being a little “over the top” but here’s the thing, am I really?  Can I be “perfecting holiness” while entertaining myself in such things?  Seriously – even if it’s just some crude innuendos… does that make it ok?  And if I’m not certain, doesn’t it make more sense to err on the side of being cautious rather than taking the stance that “it’s not a big deal and God will forgive me anyway”?

Over the years, my collection continues to be refined as I allow the Spirit of the Living God to soften my heart and make it more and more like His.  Although sometimes it’s difficult to let go of things that have been nostalgic in the past, I realize a greater future awaits as I submit to His sanctification process and pursue holiness.

Well, just as I thought I’d gotten comfortable with what God had done, He took me to a new level.  Today as Will shared in the prayer room, he offhandedly mentioned something that rocked my world. He was talking about the entertainment industry and how God had been challenging him that area… in talking about it he asked whether we would think it was ok if as any part of his job description he had to regularly kiss married women.  Selah.

All of a sudden, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I had been thinking only about the content of the movies, not of the actors as people.  How many married men and woman had I sighed and smiled at as I watched them commit real life adultery while I happily watch my “content-safe” movie?  God forgive me!  Was my financial support encouraging someone into sin?

I thought of several years back when Allen and I had discussed his pursuing acting and I told him point blank I would NOT be ok with him kissing anyone else (or God forbid more).  Yet I was ok for someone else to do it – and to watch them?  To be entertained by them?  Suddenly I realized the voyeuristic exploits of my youth weren’t entirely over!  The weight of it disgusted me…

You may think I’m over reacting, but think about it – would you be ok with your spouse being intimate with someone else for any reason?  If not, why is it ok for us to watch?  Just because it isn’t OUR spouse?

Made me remember how blessed I’d been to hear that Kirk Cameron has taken a stand on this and does not compromise.  To the extent that in his recent movie Fireproof (which I loved), his wife did a stand in on the kiss scene 🙂  Props to Kirk – bless him God for his faithfulness and boldness.

All of this is still fresh with me… so I’m still waiting for God’s prompting on specific direction, but God… make me more like You.  No matter the cost.  And bless Will for delivering the idea with such humility… not an ounce of judgment… bless him, God!

4 thoughts on “What Entertains Us

  1. This is one of those entries that I wish I wouldn’t have read… if I hear it, I know it, and if I know it, I have to obey it. He’s tightening his grip when it comes to holiness. God, help us to listen and to change our ways to be better suited for your kingdom!

  2. You know what, I’m just consumed by this! CONSUMED I TELL YOU!
    So now, it’s just I Love Lucy…and…I Love Lucy…and…I Love Lucy!

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