Releasing What’s “Mine”

I had a moment with the dog (Sketch) today that God used to highlight an interesting point to me.

I went to join Sketch on the floor for a moment of snuggles, his bone on the floor next to him. As I got down by his head as we typically do he had a moment where he turned to protect his bone from me.

As he hovered considering his options, here’s what I noted:

  • I gave him the bone in the first place
  • Being his owner, I can have the bone any time I want
  • His response to “protect” his bone from me actually increased the likelihood I was going to take it
  • He was about to miss out on a moment of intimacy with me all for the purpose of protecting a bone I didn’t want
  • The only reasons I would ever take the bone away from him would be:
    • for his own good (e.g. the bone got to small and he might choke on it – in which case he’d also likely get a new one)
    • for the good of others (e.g. small children or guests that might be uncomfortable with him playing with his bone – but he would always get the bone back after they left)
    • for discipline (e.g. if he misbehaved with the bone and I removed it – again, after a season he would still get it back)

As I quickly had all these thoughts run through my head, Sketch made a good choice and forsook his bone, decided to trust me, and nuzzled in for some good snuggles and God showed me how often we do exactly the same thing with Him. We “protect” things He’s given us from Him instead of trusting that He knows what’s best for us and will do whatever that is.

So I ask you, do you have any “bones” you’re “protecting” from God? Any areas you’re unwilling to release to Him? I encourage you to remember that it was through Him the blessing came in the first place and trust it in His capable hands.

Lord, forgive us for holding on so tightly to the blessings instead of the One from whom the blessings come. Help us to trust Your heart even more radically. You are worthy of our trust and all our love. You are so good! Amen.

Sketch and his bone

4 thoughts on “Releasing What’s “Mine”

  1. I love the simple way God communicates to us so that we are without excuse to understand His love. Thanks Meghan for sharing “what’s yours”……It also reminded me of when I was a little girl and would hold back my chips and my cousins would call me stengy… We’ll I dont want to be stengy with what I have, that God gave me in the first place..I receive this on many levels. So today I release whats mines to “Him”….open hands I have….

    blessings to you for the gift of sharing…

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