Holy is the Lord

I was laying in bed listening to Shane & Shane’s Worthy of Affection and in one of the lyrics it says “holy is the Lord”. Holy is something we often call the Lord — and we know in heaven they cry it out around the throne of God unceasingly (Rev 4:8), but I started wondering… what exactly does “holy” mean? I had a general idea but wanted a more concrete understanding.

Here’s how Merriam-Websters Unabridged defines holy as it is used in this context:

perfect in righteousness and divine love : infinitely good : worthy of complete devotion and trust : commanding one’s fullest powers of adoration and reverence

There’s a lot packed in that little word! And it’s perfectly befitting the Lord – so yes, with my whole heart and full understanding I cry out with heaven “Holy! Holy! Holy is the Lord!”

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