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In my previous post about Who Will You Worship, I talked about the need to remove things from your home that are displeasing to the Father.  In this post, I am going to share a quick how-to that is based on the culling process He’s taken me through personally, and I’m going to share some personal stories with you.

Are things REALLY that big a deal?

One of the first blocks people have to work through in culling is a mental one.  Is it REALLY that big a deal if I have _______ object in my home?  The short answer to that is, yes – it may be.  Let me give you an example.

Tormenting Spirits

One night as I was lying in bed with my husband, I was completely overcome in pain – emotional and physical.  Writhing and in tears (and feeling completely ridiculous), I asked my hubby for help.  It took him a few minutes to realize I wasn’t having some PMS-induced emotional drama and was actually struggling.

He asked Holy Spirit what it was and was shown it was tormenting spirits.  He commanded them to go and they wouldn’t.  I commanded them to go and the wouldn’t.  Allen asked Holy Spirit why they weren’t leaving and was told they had a RIGHT to be there.

He began to pray and Holy Spirit showed him the trunk next to my side of the bed.  He asked me what was in it and I told him nothing of consequence. It had been 15 years since I’d been in the trunk – since college – and I just remembered it was a bunch of stuff I hadn’t bothered to throw out but never actually used.

I continued writhing in torment and Allen continued to pray.  He got nothing else so finally he went over and looked in the trunk.  Inside, carefully wrapped so it wouldn’t be harmed, was a ceramic cracked skull (like the ceramic wasn’t cracked, it was DESIGNED to be a cracked skull).  On the mouth were lipstick stains from where I’d kissed it 1.5 decades earlier.

We took it downstairs to the garage, put it in a bag, smashed it on the floor, commanded the tormenting spirits to leave and immediately they did.  The object I CHOOSE to have in my home gave them a right to be there.  When they object was gone, they had no legal right and had to go.


One thing it is wise to remember is the enemy is a legalist.  If you open a door – even unintentionally – he will enforce his legal access to you.  This is why it is SO important what we have in our home.  This includes not just physical objects, but also what we allow on in the atmosphere – this includes what comes in on TV/movies, music, and even the people we invite over.  I have had to spiritually “clean house” after some people leave.  It doesn’t mean the person is bad, simply that they are allowing access in their life to spirits I don’t want operating in mine!

As you are able to clean house, you will notice you become increasingly sensitive to the spiritual atmosphere in it (and everywhere else!).  Most of us have been trained to be desensitized to spiritual things – especially the things of the enemy.

How-To Clean House

What goes?

When culling ALWAYS start by asking Holy Spirit to show you what He wants gone.  At the end of the day, the purpose is to please Him so asking Him is a logical place to start. I find He will highlight things I see or bring things to my recollection. Somethings I’ll just sense there’s something “over there” and I’ll dig until I get a “THIS!” in my spirit.

You can also start with obvious things. If you have things that exalt death, fornication, adultery, other gods, etc. – you can pretty much guarantee your home (and you) are better off without them!

My principle is: I would rather be overly cautious than keep something that displeases Him.  In other words err on the side of caution.  There have been things I got rid of that later I felt Him tell me they were ok.  What I’m understanding is that there are things that are wrong period, and there are things that are not beneficial to you in the current season.

How does it go?

When getting rid of stuff the question I ask Father is “is it redeemable or not?” Let me give you 2 examples.

  1. Let’s say I have a shirt that I bought when I sensed Father telling me not to.  Nothing is wrong with the shirt, but something is wrong with MY attachment to the shirt. Basically I can’t keep the shirt but since there’s nothing inherently wrong with the shirt I can bless someone else with it.  This is like the story I just posted about my old canopy bed.  Nothing wrong with the bed, *I* just couldn’t keep it.
  2. Now let’s say I have a buddha in my house as decoration.  That object is NOT redeemable. It inherently belongs to another god so I cannot give it to someone else thereby knowingly bringing them into sin (worshiping a god other than YHVH – Ex 20:3). Nor can I sell it and thereby profit by bringing someone else into bondage. The object must be destroyed.


Here are some other personal examples:

  • A shirt I bought when I sensed Him telling me not to – redeemable, because nothing was inherently wrong with the shirt, but because for ME it was a reminder of MY disobedience, it had to go
  • My old canopy – redeemable, I had done MANY ungodly acts on the bed so *I* couldn’t keep it, but it was sold at a garage sale to raise funds for a mission trip.  Ironically when He finally released me to replace it I got the exact same one.
  • $475 gold ring with image of a false god on it – NOT redeemable, because we are not to have any other gods than Him, this ring was literally disposed of.  This ring was how He taught me that if EVERYTHING I have has been given to Him (i.e. He is my Lord), than it is His to dispose of if He wants regardless of if it makes sense in the natural.

Spirit of Apathy Example

I have another example of something that was not redeemable that is a bit more complicated because the bulk of it (Playstation and Xbox) had nothing wrong with it (a few games were violent or had inappropriate sexuality), but for MY HUSBAND it was not redeemable.

My husband went through a season where he was addicted to video games.  This was early in the season after he rededicated his life to YHVH and was a residual activity to his backslidden days.  He literally would spend 10-14 hours playing his games on the weekends and 6-8 on days when he worked.  Everything else was neglected.

One night as I prayed for him, Holy Spirit showed me he was struggling with a spirit of apathy.  Honestly I didn’t know what apathy even meant! LOL!!  But I looked it up and it was knowing what one is supposed to do, but not doing it.  It was EXACTLY what was going on with him!

I began to pray against this stronghold and Holy Spirit revealed to me that the legal right was coming from the addiction to the games. I sensed there needed to be a breaking, but *I* couldn’t make that happen, he had to. So I began praying for Holy Spirit to show him what needed to happen to break it.

One night Holy Spirit DID show him and painful as it was to realize what needed to be done to break the hold, Allen chose to please God over himself.  He took the approx $800 of video game equipment and games and smashed them with a sledgehammer!  The spirit of apathy broke.

As I ponder why the innocuous equipment had to be destroyed (it is permissible, though not likely beneficial), the verse that comes to mind is Matthew 11:12 ESV

From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.

In other words, our passion matters.  My husband – who was struggling with the apathy – had to move in passion to break its hold.

In Conclusion

The key in cleaning house is letting Holy Spirit lead you.  Please remember you are responsible for cleaning YOUR things – you can advise someone else in love as the Holy Spirit leads, but you cannot do it for them.

If you are under someone else’s authority in your home (or shared authority like with a roommate) – whether it be parents, an unbelieving spouse, or a roommate – do the best YOU can. Then be in spiritual warfare for what you do not have authority over.  (Again, this brings to mind my marriage testimony.)

Father, help us know how to please You!  Show us the things in our lives that are dishonoring to You and give us the wisdom, discernment, and steadfastness to release those things from our life!  Please give us eyes to see and ears to hear…

10 thoughts on “How-To Clean House

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  2. I am in tears as I am reading this. The timing couldn’t have been any better.
    1. It has shown me how I can better pray for my husband. He has a movie addiction and must have over 1,000 of them and I know some of the TV shows he watches do not glorify the Father either. He has a miniature steer skull among I am sure many other things. I know first hand what a strong hold they can have over you as at one time he got rid of a lot of his movies but over time he has brought them back into our home.
    2. I am also going go copy this blog to share with Victoria when I meet with her hopefully tomorrow morning about cleaning house in her gift shop.

  3. There are too few teachings on this and the results are most understand very little about what we give legal rights to. Keep the light coming, Meghan! It is much needed.

  4. Meghan Thank you so much!! My husband and I are going through classes @ our church over controlling spirits you’ve opened my eyes even
    more. Thank you.

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  7. I have repented for trying learn to use tarot cards. And I have discarded all of them. How do I remove demons or curses etc that may have came from my error of using them I have been praying and searching for answers and I found your videos and blog. Please help I need to free me and family from what I feel is causing us harm. Thank you very much.

    • Once the objects that gave legal right to the enemy have been removed, as a believer you have the authority to break any curse and command any demonic elements to go in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) name and by His blood. If you don’t find that you receive freedom after that, seek the Father for further insight on what is allowing the foothold. It may be that you’ll need to pray and fast or simply anoint your home. He will give you wisdom!

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