Hey/Hei (Breath)

The Hebrew letter “hey” (or hei) according to Jewish mystics means “breath” or “revelation.” This letter is also said to represent God’s creative power. This too is connected back to that sense of “breath” or specifically the “breath of God’s mouth” because “By the word of the LORD were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth” [Psalm 33:6 (KJV)].

We see more examples of “hey” representing breath when God changes Abram and Sarai’s names to Abraham and Sarah – the change being the addition of a “hey” – the breath of God or His Spirit. Interestingly, adding a “hey” to the end of a noun in Hebrew makes it feminine (allows it to be fruitful/reproductive/multiplying). 

May each of us choose to embrace that breath – the Spirit of God. May we allow it to bring life and multiplication. May we embrace the possibility of creative miracles. May we speak life with that breath pouring from us just as we’ve received it into us. May we embrace the deepest revelations of God. And may God make Himself known to us even more through His breath and all the power it brings. 

Dyed4you Art’s Breathing Life

[ref. Hebrew4Christians]

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