Conversing (Numbers 12)

Numbers 12:1 “Then Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses…”

When I read this it initially sounds like they spoke out against him publicly or something, but in the meaning of the original Hebrew word we find that it simply means conversing. So the two of them were basically conversing negatively against their brother.

This point hits home right now as a member of our church body is going through the tragic loss of his wife and sons. And people both in and out of the church are chattering away with their views and opinions on what happened. As time has passed and accusations have flown and things that were done in darkness have come to light, we as the church need to be certain we are not joining in with the accuser of the brethren and conversing against our brother – regardless of what’s happened.

I don’t think believers really understand the weight of these idle conversations. In Matthew 12:36 the Word tells us we will have to “account for every idle word.”

Lord I pray that You would increase our understanding of the importance and weight of our words. Help us to guard them and to take account for what we’re saying now so we will not regret it later. Help us to lift one another to You in prayer rather than conversing against one another. Let our mouths be a blessing to You and bring You honor. In Jesus’ name.

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3 thoughts on “Conversing (Numbers 12)

  1. This is so true and so right. My heart breaks for the family left behind that is having to not only grieve such an intense tragedy, but then having to hear the rumors and wonder what else is being said. I want to let them know somehow that there are people still standing with them, still praying for them. Every single idle word will be accounted for, so I just pray that my words have been from God’s heart, and not from my own. God… please pour out your healing on this family! And teach us all to better represent you, in word and in action.

  2. Thanks Meg. It always needs to be on the fore front of our minds. How quickly we speak before thinking, in so many things! Instructions for our mouth consumes most of Proverbs, so it MUST be important.

  3. So true. Idle words are dangerous and can cause so much pain. If anything, they have the potential to poison the minds of those who speak them and the recipients. Jeff is good at focusing on God and His Word. I think as a female I struggle with this more than some. Thanks for the reminder.

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