For the last 8 days I’ve had a bone where my neck meets my shoulders out of alignment. It has commanded my attention constantly in waking and sleeping hours by varying amounts of discomfort – from short bursts to debilitating pain.

During this time God’s been talking to me about being out of alignment with Him. It is equally interfering with our lives – sometimes touching areas that seem completely unrelated. But it keeps you from functioning at full potential, keeps you from peace, is a total distraction from things that would be productive and useful focuses… in short, it changes everything. Just one “small” misalignment.

I struggle with busy-ness – regardless of repeated warnings to slow down and make time for Him – I barrel forward “doing”. This alignment issue has forced me to pause because my right arm is so affected and too much time at the computer literally wears me down. It’s forced me to take more time with Him. I can’t help but think of the thorns in Hedged In (the Dyed4you Art piece I created this week) and realize He’s nudging me the “right” way… back in alignment.

Lord, I ask that You would keep me in proper alignment with You above all else. Thank You for being willing to use whatever means is most effective for getting my attention. Truly my heart’s desire is to be right with You. Thank You for helping me be right with You. My eyes are on You…

2 thoughts on “Alignment

  1. I know we’ve not met face to face,not spoken over the phone, and we’re seperated by hundreds of miles but it’s really amazing how much God uses you to minister to me. JUST last night, the Lord started talking about the adjustments I need to make in my life. And He also told me some things I’m hindering. My goodness…JUST last night He was talking to me about this very blog. Meghan, thanks for posting and allowing the Lord to confirm His word.

    Also, I command that bone back in place in Jesus name and call you healed by HIS stripes! Lord, You are her chiropractor, physician, and healer and I praise you that it is done now in Jesus mighty name!

  2. I’m sorry you have been in pain. God does use whatever means possible to get our attention. I pray His healing touch on your body. Bones back into alignment. Pain be gone…in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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