Worshiping God (Exodus 32)

If worship is our gift to God is it more important that it be how we want? Or how He wants?

In pondering this question, let’s consider Exodus 32. To set the scene, the Israelites have just been delivered from Egypt – miracles like the red sea parting have shown God’s clear hand in their freedom. God’s given them the 10 commandments and given instructions for the creation of the tabernacle and the priestly garb, God spoke to the people and the people were afraid and said they wanted God to talk to Moses and they promised to listen to him.

Moses is up in the mountain and gone 40 days. The people give him up and instruct Aaron to fashion an idol, which he does (golden calf) and in verse 5:

…Aaron made proclamation and said, “Tomorrow shall be a feast to the LORD.”

So again I ask, who should we be pleasing with our worship? Him? Or us? shouldn’t the Israelites be allowed to worship God however they want? It’s funny that people can see how preposterous this is when it’s something “obvious” like a golden calf, but when God asks us to break loose in un-abandoned dance before Him and we choose toย  be too embarrassed to even raise a hand… isn’t it the same thing? Our idol may not be a carved image, but the moment we care more what others will think they’ve become our idol. Or if we don’t do it because we don’t “feel” like it… we’ve just made ourself the idol.

Someone who TRULY loves someone else will discover what the OTHER person loves and desires and give them that, not bring them whatever their own desire dictates and simply expect them to like it!

For example, if my husband decided he wanted to bless me by getting a fur shawl made for me and so he killed and skinned my dog and made the shawl out of Sketch’s fur all by himself… regardless of his efforts do you think I’ll be remotely pleased with that gift? I’ll be like God in verse 10 whose wrath burns hot against them!

Lord, forgive us for our selfish pride and conceit. Help us to know Your heart for worship that we might truly please You. Teach us what blesses You that we might bring it… and worship You in Spirit and truth.

5 thoughts on “Worshiping God (Exodus 32)

  1. Amen! Oh boy I so totally agree! It’s not always in our comfort zone but then when you go to the next level it’s so worth it. Unfortunately, in many assemblies the leadership is who is keeping the lid on everyones worship at least in the corporate setting.

  2. In those situations we must submit to our leadership and pray for wisdom, but NONE of us have an excuse for not taking the time to do it at home ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Of course, I am going to comment! When I first came to Destiny, I did not feel comfortable raising my hand to the Lord or dancing for His enjoyment. It took months for me to become comfortable with these actions. Now, it is hard for me to stop. I feel that during this time, it is only Him and me, dancing together or me singing to Him. (God knows that only he appreciates my voice!!!!) When I attend other churches with friends, it is hard for me to control myself, in the way of lifting hands, for their church does not react to the spirit the same way. I am respecting their tradititons or leadership, but it is groaning inside to do this. Thank you Jesus for sending me to a church that stretched me to praise you in all my compasities. I never imagined that my relationship would be stronger through worshiping: dancing, praising, and even crying all for the Lord. I can’t wait to see what it is like to watch others praise from heaven, and then look to the Lord and see His expression. It is something that will probably send chills up my spine…or something even bigger…hard to imagine!

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