Drawing from the Source

Often we find people who radiate joy or love and we can’t help but be drawn to them. The problem is if we are drawing off them instead of God – the true source – we do damage to both ourselves and them. 

It’s so easy to feel connections with people and look to them to inspire us or feed us emotionally. We’ve spend years developing our natural senses, so using them to communicate always feels easier (we shared about this in the context of receiving prophetic words too Choosing to Hear God (Exodus 20:18-21) & How-to Receive D4Y Art/Silk).

Developing our spiritual senses takes time and effort. Sometimes that time feels dry, but in the quantity time you will have quality moments – the key is to continue pressing in. 

Unfortunately, throughout history people have defaulted to relying on their natural senses and choosing relationship with a godly person rather than with God Himself. An example of that is found with Moses and the Israelites in Exodus 20: 1, 19-21 (VOICE):

Then God began to speak directly to all the people. 

Israelites (to Moses): We are afraid to have God speak directly to us; we are certain that we will die. You speak to us instead; we promise to listen.

Moses: Don’t be afraid. These powerful manifestations are God’s way of instilling awe and fear in you so that you will not sin; He is testing you for your own good.

But everyone remained far away from the mountain as Moses began moving toward the thick, dark cloud where God was.

The people knew Moses was having life-changing relationship with God (they saw his radiant face – Exodus 34:29-35), and yet didn’t want it for themselves. In this case it was out of fear, but often our motivations can range from simply being lazy (it’s easier to communicate in the method we’re most comfortable with) to not knowing how (never having developed our spiritual senses and not knowing where to begin).  (I share on how to do this in Hearing God’s Voice.)

Refuse to be discouraged by dry seasons or when you aren’t sure if you are hearing God accurately (or at all). He is worth pursuing and a relationship with God is worth taking the time to cultivate. It will bear much fruit.

So seek Him. Draw from the Source rather than getting diluted versions by drawing off His people. And if you have relationship with Him, minister as He leads – no more, no less. Refuse to allow yourself to be sucked dry by well-intentioned ministry that in truth is enabling others to have a taste of God without truly plugging into Him, which is what they actually need.

Dyed4you Art's image called Drawing from the Source

Dyed4you Art’s image called Drawing from the Source

As we all seek Him individually and share our downloads with each other, we will then see exponential growth. That is when things get really exciting and we begin to fully function in the five-fold ministry as a healthy and powerful Body of believers (this is what the Dyed4you Art piece Drawing from the Source speaks to).

So in closing, though yes, it is permissible to be fed by other believers, remember it is truly beneficial to feed from God Himself, the true Source. Godly people and ministries are there to teach and give wisdom, to bless as the Lord leads, but God never intended them to replace Him or His role in your life. He is the main event. The focus needs to be on Him. Even as your receive from people and ministries, allow Him to speak to you through them. It’s all about Him. Bless you as you seek Him!

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