Hearing God’s Voice

People often ask me how I hear God’s voice and how I know it’s Him.  What I tell them is that if we listen we all can hear His voice, we just need to learn how. I found that for me, this happened by simply starting by identifying the voice I believed was Him. After all He said His sheep know His voice (John 10:27).

When I hear something I believe is His voice I check to see how it lines up with scripture. If I’m still not certain (and I mean genuinely not certain, not just too scared or doubtful to act on what He’s said), I may wait and ask Him for confirmation, which may come from scripture, or from another believer, etc.

Ultimately, I will act on what I understood Him to say and see what fruit it bears. If it bears good fruit, I have greater confidence the next time I hear His instruction.

What happens is that over time we build up a track record with God (I STRONGLY suggest keeping a journal, it’s very helpful for reminding yourself of His faithfulness).  The stronger the track record the less unsure we are about the fact that we have heard Him.

The key is that you have to start somewhere.  πŸ™‚

Lord, I pray that You would help Your children to move with You – in unison with Your voice. I pray they would not be afraid, but would listen and obey without doubt or fear. Help them Lord as they walk out this journey of faith…

23 January 2017 Addition

I saw this short clip from Joyce Meyer in my Facebook feed and it immediately made me think of this post. I hope it encourages you πŸ™‚