What to Do When Words Injure You

After receiving several comments from people who had been wounded by the words of others, I realized God was highlighting something He wanted me to touch on. (I share some similar thoughts in my post Choosing to Hear God (Exodus Continue reading What to Do When Words Injure You

Dealing with Other’s Expectations

Just a quick word of encouragement on how to deal with other people’s expectations. So often we allow those expectations to mandate our actions, feeling as though we have no choice. In reality, our primary responsibility is to obey God Continue reading Dealing with Other’s Expectations

Asking the Right Questions (Making the Most of Freedom)

With freedom comes responsibility. In our current culture we often forget just because we CAN do something does not mean we SHOULD. This is about permissibility vs benefit. Let’s look at 1 Corinthians 10:23 (NLT).  You say, “I am allowed Continue reading Asking the Right Questions (Making the Most of Freedom)

Transparency in Marriage (James 5:16)

I remember being at a meeting for inner healing and when time came for my husband to receive ministry, the person directing instructed that I was not to come. I was puzzled and hurt, I felt a separation in that Continue reading Transparency in Marriage (James 5:16)