Affirmations and the Abundant Flow (Multiplication)

Abundant Flow

Several years ago I began working with affirmations to assist with shifting my thought patterns. Initially, it felt awkward, but over time I became used to the process and ultimately became passionate about it. I was able to clearly see Continue reading Affirmations and the Abundant Flow (Multiplication)

Hope for the Unloved Wife

Since I had my revelatory paradigm shift about Leah (see my post Tender Eyes (Genesis 29:17)), I’ve spent much time pondering her and this new perspective and I feel like there’s a blessing of encouragement embedded in her story for Continue reading Hope for the Unloved Wife

How-To Anoint Your Home

One of the warfare tactics I have used over the years is praying over and anointing my home.  I share a bit about my early experiences on the Dyed4you site, but basically I simply used some olive oil.  Now I Continue reading How-To Anoint Your Home

Transparency in Marriage (James 5:16)

I remember being at a meeting for inner healing and when time came for my husband to receive ministry, the person directing instructed that I was not to come. I was puzzled and hurt, I felt a separation in that Continue reading Transparency in Marriage (James 5:16)