Sovereignty, Faith (Emunah), & Silk: Bloodline

We often refer to God as being sovereign, but I’m not sure we really stop and think about what that means. Here’s a few of the ways Merriam-Webster defines sovereign, “having unlimited power or authority, not limited; having undisputed ascendancy(position of Continue reading

Hope for the Unloved Wife

Since I had my revelatory paradigm shift about Leah (see my post Tender Eyes (Genesis 29:17)), I’ve spent much time pondering her and this new perspective and I feel like there’s a blessing of encouragement embedded in her story for Continue reading

Judging the World [Don’t Do It] (1 Corinthians 5:9-13)

I just saw a post from someone who calls themself a believer stating that it’s God’s judgment that George Michael is dead because he’s gay and that he deserved it. The outrage¬†from those¬†who support the homosexual community was understandable . Continue reading