Trusting in Man (Genesis 40:14)

Recently I’ve been enjoying reading the Book of Jasher. Of the extra-biblical books referenced in the Word, it’s the only one still in existence. It is in essence a history book that spans from creation to the death of Joshua.

Let me be clear and say it is not the Bible, but given the way the Word refers to it, it could be likened to “suggested reading”. Its contents align with scripture and provide a historical context that I personally have found helpful. 🙂

With that introduction, I was reading the story of Joseph in Jasher and came to a point I’d wondered about before: where Joseph interprets the dreams for the cupbearer and baker and asks to be remembered. First, here is is in Genesis 40:14 LITV

But make mention of me along with yourself, when it is well with you; and please do kindness with me and mention me to Pharaoh, and bring me out of this house.

After he interprets their dreams it is another 2 years before he is brought out of the prison and I had previously wondered if the delay was resulting from him trying to take his deliverance into his own hands (by asking to be remembered) rather than by trusting the Lord and His plan.

As I read in Jasher, it confirmed my suspicions. Jasher 46:19* reads:

And the butler, to whom Joseph had interpreted his dream, forgot Joseph, and he did not mention him to the king as he promised, for this thing was from the Lord in order to punish Joseph because he had trusted in man.

I’d be interested to see the original Hebrew word used for “punish” – I imagine essentially God was teaching Joseph not to trust in man.

This has made me think about how often I have tried to set up a ripe environment for something to happen, rather than trusting God to provide for my needs – as if He needs my help. Looking to man to solve whatever issue I’m having instead of patiently allowing God to build my character and work in His own perfect timing.

As I ponder why I might do this I consider that it could mean I don’t trust God, or at the very least dislike His timing and/or methods for growing my character. But sometimes I think it’s just as simple as we aren’t confident He will move on our behalf. We don’t feel worth it or think He truly is mindful of us.

But of course that is a lie. He loves us as unto death (John 3:16) and knows us intimately (Matthew 10:30). It’s too easy for us to mistake the hardships intended to grow us as punishments or a result of God not caring about us, when in fact the opposite is true.

I imagine one of the hardest things for good parents to do is watch their children struggle through difficult situations. Knowing they have the ability to help, but loving their children enough to want them to develop the strength and character to succeed.

So my question to you today is are there areas where you are trying to fix it yourself rather than waiting upon the Lord? I encourage you to trust in Him, rather than in man.

Father God, thank You for loving us enough to want to grow us – even when it seems difficult. We submit to Your will and trust Your plans. Have Your way in our hearts and lives!

*Note: The version of Jasher I’ve linked to here is not the same translation as the one I suggest buying, but I wasn’t able to find a version of the one I like online to link to. You can buy the Book of Jasher I do recommend on Amazon

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