When God Gets All the Glory

No one likes feeling like a lesser version of themself, but the fact is that in those broken moments and seasons are often when Father is most glorified through us. At least that’s what He shared with me about a year ago at arguably one of the lowest points in my life. 

We all want God to be glorified during mountaintop moments. Dead being raised? Sick being miraculously healed through the laying on of hands? Yes, please! But what we often fail to realize that no matter how humble the vessel God uses to accomplish these miracle is, God ends up sharing the glory.

As human’s we almost can’t help ourselves. We look at others and wonder what their walk looks like that the miraculous happens by their hand. Or perhaps it’s their anointing. Regardless, we begin crediting the human, which in a sense is giving glory to them. I’m not saying we intentionally do it, just saying it happens.

Where God alone receives glory is in the miracles we as humans fail to see in the fullness of their impact. Feeling suicidal but managed to withstand the pull toward that end? Hurting so badly the urge to to lash out at your spouse is nearly overwhelming? In those choices to withstand temptation God is also glorified. But we’re too worried about what a mess we are to see it, and often those around us are too busy seeking “big” miracles or simply too clueless to notice. In those moments, He gets all the glory.

It’s in those seemingly small victories God is glorified and no one is sharing that glory because as human’s we rank miracles the same way we tend to rank sin. This one is better, this one is worse. But too often we don’t see with God’s eyes.

I say all this to encourage us not to let the small victories go by without notice. They are victories and to Him be the glory. Each choice, each moment matters. Lets give Him glory in all the moments whether they be big or small.

Father, be glorified in our lives in whatever way is most pleasing way to You. Whether You want it to be a mountaintop or a valley, we yield to Your plans and ask that You be glorified in our lives.

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