He Meets Every Need

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a testimony, not because there haven’t been any (of course) – just that life gets busy and we forget to document the moments of His faithfulness that quietly happen all the time. I do periodically include testimony pieces on my regular blog in the context of something else. You can find those under my testimony tag.

In this post though, I just want to share three quick financial testimonies that have happened within the last couple months: a car repair, replacing salary money, and providing for supplies. 

Car Repair

The first one is just a quickie about His timing. We were supposed to get a refund for an unused warranty this past summer. We were originally told it would take four weeks to arrive. Ultimately it took over 16 weeks and a TON of emails and phone calls before it arrived to us, but the timing was divine timing because the very day before it arrived my husband’s car broke down. The repair was more money than we had and we weren’t sure how we could fix it, but it HAD to be fixed because he uses his car every day for work. If the refund had arrived on time, it would’ve long since been used, but because it was delayed (i.e. arrived in God’s time rather than ours), it arrived exactly when we needed it and covered the repair with no problem.

Replacing Salary Money

Several weeks back, my husband’s half brother (who is the same age as his son and actually was our foster son for a season) was murdered. It was a tragic loss and heartbreaking as you can imagine. My husband ended up taking off a week from work having to identify the body, meet with the detectives, make funeral arrangements, coordinate family things, and of course to take time to grieve. In addition, he had to take a day off the following week for the funeral. This meant 6 out of 10 workdays he wasn’t going to get paid for.

We just decided not to worry about it and trusted God to take care of it. The week that paycheck came with only the 4 paid days, a coworker gave my husband a condolence card with some cash and a friend I’d done some pictures for (which I intended as a gift) insisted on paying me. The total of the two monetary gifts almost exactly equaled the missing 6 days pay! God is so faithful.

Providing for Supplies

Over three years ago, Father had me hand off the day-to-day duties of Dyed4you, the prophetic silk ministry He’d had me birth back in 2006. For three years I hardly dyed at all, and what little I did depleted a good portion of the supplies I had remaining after helping Larisa make the smooth transition.

Earlier this fall, He prompted me that it was time to launch a new arm of Dyed4you: Dyed4you Readymade. I’ve loved getting my hands back in it in a way that allows me full creative freedom (basically I make anything I feel led to and post it in our Dyed4you Readymade Etsy store where people can purchase it if they feel led to).

I was able to use part of the refund (mentioned in the car repair testimony above) to buy some of the supplies needed to launch the store, but I quickly used those up and needed more. My dream wishlist was long! And it was over a thousand dollars (which for me was a LOT of money!).

A couple days after being ready to order, I had a customer call in a HUGE order and once I’d tithed, the remaining was just what I needed to complete the order for my supplies! God is so good 🙂

In Closing

He truly is faithful to meet our needs. Are there things I’d like to get or be able to do? Sure, but I trust He’ll make it possible in His perfect timing. I have learned to be content as Paul would say 😉

I pray these quick testimonies bless and encourage you!

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