Judgment Boomerang (Psalm 9:16)

Let’s begin by pausing and taking a peek at Psalm 9:16 in the Passion Translation.

The Lord is famous for this: His justice will punish the wicked. While they are digging a pit for others they are actually setting the terms for their own judgment. They will fall into their own pit! Consider the truth of this and pause in His presence.

In my previous post about judging, we pondered scriptures that make it clear it isn’t our job to judge the world so when I stumbled on this verse today I had to wonder if we sin and DO judge the world, does that make us the “wicked” the verse above refers to? And if so, I believe it’s worth pausing and pondering those implications (especially in light of the fact scripture tells us to!). Matthew 7:1-2, which we looked at last time, supports this. Here it is in the ESV:

Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.

So I guess the question is: are you feeling judged? If so, is it possible that it’s a result of you receiving what you gave out? Please know I’m not trying to say if anything is amiss that it’s our fault, I’m just suggesting it’s worth pausing and considering. Because if it is a result of something we did, whether intentionally or not, it’s easy enough to repent and readjust our actions in the future.

Father, we just ask You to give us wisdom. Show us if there are any areas where we are judging and help us to stop. Help us to have Your heart for others and to walk in love. Help us to walk in grace and understanding, mercy and forgiveness. Help us to remember daily to pause and meditate on Your word that our thoughts and actions might please You and be in alignment with Your desires. May we be more like You.

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