Choosing to Partner

As I was studying the word the last couple days, God kept highlighting to me how He CHOOSES to work through us. Let me show you what I mean. I was reading in Exodus about the plagues God sent to Egypt. In this moment, God is about to make it hail, which is His job and His business – the weather is under His control not ours. But He has been working through Moses, and so He tells Moses to raise his hand and that is when He opens the heavens. So the question becomes: did He need Moses to lift his hand?

Exodus 9:22 (VOICE) Eternal One to Moses: Raise your hand up toward the heavens, and hail will rain from the sky across the entire land of Egypt—upon people and animals and all the crops in the field throughout the land of Egypt.

Then again when He chooses to stop the hail He uses Moses; and Moses knew He would; we see this in these two verses:

Exodus 9:29 (VOICE) Moses: Watch closely. The moment I step outside the city gates, I will lift up my hands to the Eternal, and the thunder and hail will stop. Then you will know that the earth belongs to Him.

Exodus 9:33 (VOICE) Moses left Pharaoh and departed the city. He lifted up his hands to the Eternal and prayed. When he did, the thunder and hail and heavy rains stopped.

Again in chapter 10 He is working through Moses to bring the locusts, just as He did all the previous plagues and the ones to come. The fact isn’t God didn’t NEED Moses to do these miracles. He’s God. He can do whatever He wants. But He CHOOSES to partner with us. What an honor!

This brings to mind a story about a mouse and an elephant. The two were walking along and they crossed a bridge together, and the bridge rumbled and swayed. When they reached their side, the mouse looked up at the elephant and said, “We sure did shake things up!” In the same way, when we team with God, He allows us the joy of “shaking things up” in His power. (This reminds me very much of a Dyed4you silk called In Tandem, which is along the same theme.)

We must never lose sight of Who it is that has partnered with us. Never forget that He is where the power comes from. And yet, we – like Moses – should act in confidence, knowing He has teamed with us, and knowing He is faithful.

Thank You, Father, for choosing to move through us. Thank You for wanting to let us join with you. Letting us shake things up with You. Please grow our confidence and assurance. Help us learn to operate in Your flow even more efficiently and effectively. May we be ready vessels, prepared and steadfast, happy to move on Your behalf partnering with You.

4 thoughts on “Choosing to Partner

  1. Our guest speaker spoke of this same thing at church this moning. He also spoke of how God used Moses even though he had murdered someone and had difficulty with speach. I hope I am being used in the way God wants to use me!

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