Silk: He Moves in Power

I didn’t realize when He was birthing the Silk: He Moves in Love, that He was creating a silk series, but with the creation of this one, I’m seeing a pattern and I’m liking it! Look forward to seeing what He tells us He moves in next. 🙂

The name of your silk is He Moves in Power. The colors in it are:

  • Sky blue representing open heaven and spiritual realm
  • Peacock blue representing fullness of His flow
  • Pea green representing new life
  • Deep dark blue representing deep mysteries and presence of God (Psalm 18:11)
  • Gold shimmer representing glory and power of God

The scriptures that go with it are:

  • 1 Corinthians 4:20 (VOICE) The kingdom of God is not a realm of grandiose talk; it is a realm of power.
  • Psalm 62:11 (VOICE) The True God spoke this once, and twice I’ve heard: That You, the True God, hold all power;
  • Psalm 68:35 (VOICE) O True God, You are awesome from the holy place where You dwell. The True God of Israel Himself grants strength and power to His people. Blessed be our God!
  • Matthew 19:26 (NIV) Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

A “Lion Bite” called “His power flowing into every area” from Glasgow Prophetic Centre is connected to this silk.

Don’t just wait for the fire of God in your church meeting place and gatherings, expect it everywhere you put your feet and set your hands to work! The Lord is waiting for you to put your hands up to receive an impartation of His flowing fire. And the Holy Spirit says, ‘Now I want you to know the power of my fire, freely flowing into areas that are beyond your present experience and expectation’.

Evidence of His power-filled fire will be seen as it flows and brings revelation of new medical discoveries; in the wisdom needed in parliaments, government buildings and in the courtrooms of the land. It will flow and bring new ways of solving challenges in all levels of education and in the family. His fire will burn in the media and press houses of the nations and bring new rigour and integrity.

The fire of Jesus Christ will flow into all these areas. No longer is His fire and power to be restricted to the church meeting! You can’t contain Him! So, rise up medics and chemists, rise up lawyers, rise up teachers, rise up journalists, rise up broadcasters, rise up fathers, rise up mothers… rise up people of God and receive the fire from heaven into your hands.

Acts 1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Be expectant. I long to move through My children, but few are truly willing to step out in faith or to live a life that makes them vessels I can work through to operate in My supernatural. In the same way you can’t give a young child a knife for fear they will damage themselves, too many of My children lack the maturity needed to operate in acts of the supernatural. I will not give them anything that I know will cause them to stumble or will harm them.

Continue to make choices and live in such a way that prepares you for what I have in store for you, beloved. Stay in My word. Set aside the cares of this world. Don’t get caught up with the drama of man. I AM all you need. Walk in humility. Extend much grace to others. Always look for the good. Always assume positive intent. Seek to bring unity and love. Look for ways to promote others above yourself, for you can count on Me to find ways to raise you. You don’t need to look out for your own interests, I have them firmly in mind. Grow and encourage My children. Act with My heart. Be My hands. Love like Me.

A word called “I Have Not Ceased to Create” from June Reinke of Prophetic Light is connected to this silk.

I have not ceased to create, says the LORD, and the new that I create for you is continual. Look! I have created all things new for you. Walk in the new that exists for you now! For as you do, you will never live in the mundane. You will never have stale bread to eat, but enjoy the fresh bread of My presence and drink the fresh wine, and experience the new of the new that I have for you that is unceasing and unheard of. For what is new today is not what you will always walk in. What is unusual and uncommon today will become your new normal. But that is not the end. I will do new and spectacular things for you, with you and through you continually and you will always say, “Wow!” says the LORD.

For there is no end to My power. There is no ceiling to My glory. There is a greater depth and a higher height in ME, says the LORD. There is a greater scope and always new a broader vision. You will never arrive to a state of satisfaction and stagnation in Me. Walk in the new that will take you into the greater heights, depths and breaths of My SPIRIT and expect that you will not camp in that place for long. For soon I will say, “Come up higher,” and you will pull up your tent pegs and follow Me. For the new is now and the now is My nearness to you to give you more of My grace and glory than you have ever witnessed, and I will bring you into the awesomeness of My presence and power that will astound you and prepare you for the greater works that I have for you to do, says the LORD.

Beloved, do not be afraid to step out in faith for I will meet you there. You feel My gentle nudges and you hear My quiet whispers, you know how I move, so follow Me. Follow Me off the “cliff” and know My hand is there to catch you. You are called to radical faith, beloved; so do not shy away or compare your walk to others and wonder why others have no been called to the same level of expectation. I expect much from you because I have called you to much. With great responsibility though also comes great reward. The joy of partnering with Me and seeing Me move, for I move in power.

A word of caution though, beloved. Do not get caught up in the supernatural things that touch your life and forget Who the source of that is or allow others to pull you into a place of pride. Stay humble. Stay contrite. Keep your eyes fixed on Me, for I AM all you need. You don’t need man’s approval, and indeed having it can be dangerous. So focus on Me: My eyes, My heart, My word, and stay humble and true.

It has been prayed over and anointed with the Scent of Heaven’s Glory Drops oil. The scriptures that go with this oil are:

  • And blessed be his glorious name for ever: and let the whole earth be filled with his glory; Amen, and Amen. Psalm 72:19
  • And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one: John 17:22

The history of this oil is that one day during church Carol (the founder of the Scent of Heaven) saw a vision of glory drops coming down on some of the people. She cried out to the Lord asking, “Why aren’t there more people being touched?” Some weeks later, the weatherman mentioned that there has to be a ‘drawing’ below for the rain to come out of the clouds. The Lord immediately impressed upon her that we, likewise, need to be hungry and thirsty to be pure and holy, seeking for His glory so we can receive the glory drops. When enough of us create a sufficient drawing, His glory will fill the whole earth.

The deeper meaning of this oil reads, “Glory Drops represents the essence of the Lord’s glory falling on those who have sought His holiness and drawn it out by hungering and thirsting for Him. Like in Luke 8:46 where the woman touched the hem of the Lord’s garment and He asked, “Who touched me?” – she drew the power out of Him.”

We pray it blesses you!

NOTE: If you’re wondering why I’ve shared this silk letter, check out my post God Speaking Through Silk where I explain why I began sharing these on my blog. 

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  1. We just finished a Hunger Conference at our church! I’m hungry for more of Him and some of those glory drops!

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