Journey vs. Destination Points

During a conversation with a dear friend, Father highlighted something to me that I realized was another little nugget that could bless others. That is having an expectation that we are on a journey rather than a focus on destination points. I share the basics in the video and give some additional insights below as well. I pray it’s a blessing! 

The enemy likes to keep us focused on destination points (e.g. finding a spouse, getting a promotion), which keeps us in a place of constant discontentment – like a child forever saying, “Are we there yet?” – we continually feel like the thing that will make us happy and satisfied is just ahead, and yet we’re unhappy because it is never here where we are.

We also experience a lot of feelings of failure because we’re not at that destination point. For example, if finding a spouse is the desired destination point, we may stay in a relationship longer than we should because ending it feels like “failing” rather than simply an acknowledgement it isn’t a fit.

One of the traps of this mindset is that the promised satisfaction of the destination points are only an illusion. The moment you achieve one, the next destination point comes into view and becomes the focus, because the reality of walking it out never was the goal, but simply the achievement of it (e.g. once you’re married, suddenly the focus may be on having a child).

The reality is God is all about the journey. He is about relationship with us and building our character. He’s about the people we touch and things we learn along the way. As we trust that He is sovereign and focus on seeking Him in everything, we find the takeaway lessons along the way. This allows us to feel successful at every point along the journey because a lesson – even one learned the hard way – is a success.

Shifting our mindset and expectations to focus on our journey also keeps us living in the present and allows us to find contentment and satisfaction in whatever God is speaking to us right now. Even if He’s telling us “this isn’t your future spouse” – that doesn’t mean He doesn’t have someone in mind, just that this person isn’t the one and we’ve learned more about what would actually work (or not work) for us in a relationship. 

As we look for the hidden gems and lessons along the way, we grow in our understanding of who He is and how He moves. Ultimately, that is the biggest blessing of all. So the principle here is to expect that life is a process, which implies value along the whole thing, not just in the achievement of certain milestones. And then of course to fix our gaze on the One who loves us and ask Him for His insight and wisdom along the way. 🙂

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