Daily Downloads from Heaven: How It Began

It’s still amazing to me all that God has done through this journey as He’s given me these Daily Downloads from Heaven. Though I had been in prophetic ministry for over a decade at the time this part of the journey began, God took things to the next level through a phone call with June Reinke of Prophetic Light Ministries. June had been prompted by God to pray impartation over me. Shortly thereafter, God began downloading these daily Prophetic Nuggets

Initially, I didn’t even know if they would be something He gave me daily. I intentionally didn’t try to put any pressure on myself to perform, but rather simply asked each day and He simply gave. As of today, 797 Prophetic Nuggets have been released online, and the first 366 have been edited and bundled in my upcoming release: Daily Downloads from Heaven (volume 1). Volume 2 is in the process of being edited, and volume 3 nuggets are already being released each day. What an exciting journey God has taken me on! I hope you’ll come along and let Him take you on one too. 🙂

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