Size Does Not Determine Impact

Too often we allow ourselves to be discouraged from taking action because we feel small and ineffectual. We must be intentional to remind ourselves that size does not determine impact, for when we are partnered with the God of the Universe – we have far greater impact and authority than we can imagine. As a matter of fact, often it is the very fact that something should not be able to be accomplished in our own strength and ability and yet that it is that brings God glory. 

This brings to mind a story about a mouse and an elephant. The two were walking along and they crossed a bridge together, and the bridge rumbled and swayed. When they reached their side, the mouse looked up at the elephant and said, “We sure did shake things up!” In the same way, when we team with God, He allows us the joy of “shaking things up” in His power. 

In 1 Samuel 17, we’re reminded in the story of David and Goliath to be intentional to simply be ourselves. We don’t have to equip ourselves like someone else to have impact, for God has prepared us. And verses 42-43 show us even if others taunt or judge us, we must refuse to lose faith because our strength is in the Lord. 

And in Judges 7, the story of Gideon reminds us more isn’t necessarily better or even needed. Having the “right” team or provision (which is whoever God has ordained) is all we need. Verses 10-12 remind us that God will give us encouragement when we need it, and Judges 6 and the story of the fleece remind us not to be afraid to ask Him for that encouragement and confirmation if we need it.

Size nor splendor determine impact. As James 3 reminds us, the tongue may be a small organ in our body, but it brings forth life or death. If we are able to master it, we have a strong asset especially as we surrender it to God’s direction. 

So be encouraged. Understand that your capacity for power is far greater than you know. Simply be intentional to align with God – with His plans, with His perspective – and believe Him. For as you take Him at His word and follow His lead, you will truly see heaven come to earth. 

Made Mighty” by Meghan Williams of Dyed4you Art

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