The Water, the Womb (The Hebrew Letter “Mem”)

The Hebrew letter “mem” stands for “mayim” which is the “waters.” The shape of the “mem” represents an open or closed womb (depending on which form of the letter mem it is). As I was pondering the Dyed4you Art image Soaking in the Waters of Life, God brought to mind the letter “mem” and its womb representation. I could see the parallel with the art piece and how the place it depicted was rich, verdant, life-giving space creating a womb of sorts. Being held and nurtured by the waters of life. Allowing this living water to saturate every area of our being as we rest in this hidden space.

Life is found in the hidden place of growth, but often that life comes through the trials of adversity. Just as the culmination of the gestation period is the process of birth, so there are often times of pressing and challenge that bring you to the new open place of possibility. 

Trust the process – from the solitude and nurturing of the quiet place of growth to the pressure and discomfort of the coming forth into the new, all is a natural cycle. Embrace it and trust that it is for your good – even in the moments it is challenging, trust that you are being catapulted into new levels as you are birthed into the new. You have all you need for this moment, for the all-sufficient One is meeting every need and sustains you every step of the way. 

Dyed4you Art image “Soaking in the Waters of Life” by Meghan Williams (created as a Prophetic “Portrait”)

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