Divine Interruptions

Years ago, a guest speaker at church shared a profound idea that has stuck with me ever since. For me it was a paradigm shift. He challenged us to remember that our agenda is not  always the same as God’s agenda, so often the things we view as “interruptions” or “disturbances” are actually the very things God wants to see come forth. 

It’s a sobering reminder to hold our plans loosely and be ready for God to call a switch. The benefit of holding things more loosely is that it makes extending patience more simple because we’re not so attached to the outcome. I may have planned to visit the store and get in and out quickly, but God may have someone there in need of a kind word and a moment of connection. Whose plans are aligned with the highest good?

As we yield our will to His and surrender our plans to His perfect will, we step into a grace-filled place where we’re open to “Divine interruptions,” and truly what an honor to be a willing vessel for God to move through. 

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  1. What an opportunity would have been missed if Jesus had viewed the touch of a woman in the crowd as an interruption of his progress to Jairus’s house!

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