Choosing to Hear God (Exodus 20:18-21) & How-to Receive D4Y Art/Silk

We like to say that the words you receive from Dyed4you and Dyed4you Art are a portion of a conversation, not a conversation in its entirety. We love to hear that we’re confirming something He’s already shared. Ideally, each of us should hear His voice for ourselves and words from others should mostly confirm and expand things He’s already shared, but regrettably many of us have been taught to doubt our ability to hear Him for ourselves. We rely so strongly on our natural senses that we prefer to hear another person tell us what He’s saying to us because we trust our natural senses more than our spiritual ones. That’s usually because we’ve spent more time cultivating our natural senses while neglecting our spiritual ones (again often because we’ve been taught to do so). 

Additionally, we often have a skewed, inaccurate understanding of who God is. Thinking He wants to condemn and punish us, so we cower in fear rather than learning His true nature. And the fact is, relationship takes time and effort. When you couple that with the communication difficulties because of our undeveloped spiritual senses it can feel like trying to be best friends with someone who speaks a different language than you – an exercise in frustration since you don’t feel like you can successfully share your thoughts nor feel confident you’re understanding what’s being shared with you.

This is similar to what can happen in our relationship with God. We feel unheard and we feel like we aren’t hearing anything or aren’t confident in what we think we may have heard. It’s easy to become frustrated and stop trying, but ultimately that only makes the situation worse, and really, do we want to reject a personal relationship with the One who loves us?

The Israelites made that choice. They shunned a personal relationship with God. Instead choosing to have Moses as a go between. I believe it was for all the reasons above. Exodus 20:18-21 shows us the moment where they rejected the opportunity to be intimate with Him.

When the people saw the thunder and lightning and heard the trumpet and saw the mountain in smoke, they trembled with fear. They stayed at a distance and said to Moses, “Speak to us yourself and we will listen. But do not have God speak to us or we will die.” Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid. God has come to test you, so that the fear of God will be with you to keep you from sinning.” The people remained at a distance, while Moses approached the thick darkness where God was.

So yes, you can be like the Israelites, rejecting a relationship in favor of taking the easy way and letting man speak God’s thoughts to your physical senses. You can you choose to be distant from Him and let others hear from Him for you – whether it be through prophetic words or weekly sermons – yes, you definitely can. But the question is why would you want to? You have the Creator of the universe deeply in love with you, why would you not want to know Him and know that you are known?

Move past any fears. He’s a GOOD Father. His thoughts and intentions towards you are good. You can have deep times of communing with Him, but the only way to grow confident in your ability to hear Him is to just do it. If you think of your spiritual senses like muscles, you realize you just need to exercise them. There is a principle that what you water will grow. So tend this garden of intimacy with Him.

Trust me when I say His desire to speak to you is greater than your desire to hear. (You may find my post Hearing God’s Voice helpful also Gelah Raz (Revealer of Mysteries)) If you make the effort, He will meet you there. So look for what I call “butterfly kisses” from Papa, like a wink from Him. Little and sometimes seemingly insignificant things that give confirmation. He WANTS to encourage you and build your confidence. Let Him. And be open to Him doing so.

Receiving Dyed4you Art or Silk

With all that said, here’s how Dyed4you Art and Dyed4you silks fit in with this 🙂

In a previous blog, I shared how-to receive a prophetic word. It’s a great reference/reminder, so if you haven’t read it consider taking a moment to do so. Below I’m sharing some steps for specifically how to receive a Dyed4you Art or Dyed4you silk word. There’s overlap with the other blog post, but I thought this might be helpful. This is what I do with the words I receive through Dyed4you / Dyed4you Art (because yes, He ministers to me through our team too). If you have other things you do when you receive them, I’d love to hear those too!

Sit with it and read the word. If you received a silk, cover yourself with it or if it’s a flag, worship with it and just chew on the word. If you received art, spend some time looking at it and pondering the different elements and how it connects with the word.

Read through the word listening for His whisper and with an open mind. Try not to judge it initially. There may be things that initially don’t seem to fit or that you don’t understand. Sometimes taking time will bring clarity. Other times there’s corrections in them or something else you may be tempted to defend yourself against internally. Resist the urge to do so. You can trust His heart for you. So stay open and just listen. He chastens those He loves, so even if you got a strong word, it only means He loves you and is wanting to give a course correction so you can continue to grow. God never will say something difficult without purpose. He’s not a human who would insult you with the sole purpose of tearing you down. His purpose is ALWAYS to build you up, so even if He is chastening you – which often feels like being torn down – He’s doing it to build you back up stronger. He is pruning you. Removing that which is hindering your growth; so let Him. Try not to fight it and trust Him.

Ask why. Ask why He wanted to share this word with you. Or why He picked the colors He did or the image He did. He won’t always tell you, but seeking to understand often adds deeper levels of clarity and revelation. I especially recommend asking why on the pieces you don’t understand or feel resistant to. Why would He share this with you? Even why is He sharing this with you in this timing? Is He sharing it with you so you in turn can share it with someone else? All great questions! Ask more. Ponder and listen for His answers.

Is it confirmation? Consider if there are themes/scriptures that are familiar ones that He’s highlight or spoken with you about before. He may be connecting this word to something else He’s already shared, expanding it for greater insight. Look for His butterfly kisses. To give an example, historically I’ve hated the color orange. Seriously, hate. I don’t use the word lightly. (For those who read the Dyed4you blog you’ve heard this before!) Over time He’s used the color orange to get my attention and also to test me (will I accept from Him that which I don’t think I want). So for me, the color orange is often a wink from Papa, a butterfly kiss.

Does it bear witness? This is a fair and important question. If it does bear witness, move on to receiving. What I want to address here is what it may mean if it doesn’t bear witness.

  • The word may be for a different time. He may want you to “shelf it” and come back to it later. He’s giving you the word ahead of time so you’ll know it when it’s the right moment.
  • It may be for someone else. There may be someone else in your life who needs this word, but isn’t familiar with Dyed4you Ministries, doesn’t flow in the prophetic, or wouldn’t ask for a word for themself but God wants to speak to them, so He moved on your heart to order (or have someone gift silk or art to you) specifically so you could bless someone else.
  • We may have gotten it wrong. We ALL hear in part and prophesy in part so we aren’t above getting it wrong. We have a team of people to help minimize that possibility, but it can still happen. If it has, remember God is sovereign so He KNEW it would happen, and so consider why He allowed it (back to asking why!). Is it for the reason above (He wants it to go to someone else)? Or perhaps the motivation in ordering was amiss? Or perhaps He’s simply offering you an opportunity to extend grace to sisters in Christ. Even if we blew it, He can redeem it. So if we got it wrong, we believe He will highlight someone else He wants you to pass it along to who will be blessed by it (as mentioned in the previous point).

Receive. Try to internalize the thoughts and feelings He’s sharing. If the word is speaking of His love for you, don’t just read it and move on. Pause, force yourself to settle and really try to RECEIVE what He’s saying. He wouldn’t be telling you if you didn’t need it. This is a relationship, and it isn’t supposed to be one way, one direction, Him constantly feeding you. At some point we have to move past that infant stage. So take time to receive and RESPOND. If He was your spouse and you’d just shared with Him what He just shared with you, how would you want Him to respond to it?

Journal it. Documenting the words He gives and what He says to you about them helps you process it as well as internalize it. It has the additional benefit of being able to encourage you later on when you go back and read it again – often finding further confirmations that have happened over time or simply allowing the words of affirmation to minister to you again.

In Closing

I can’t encourage you (or myself) enough to:

  • Spend time building the strength of your spiritual senses. Nothing is more important (or as sweet) as intimacy with the One who loves you and completely understands you because He made you.
  • Trust that He will help hone your spiritual senses. He WANTS to talk with you.
  • Choose to meet Him face-to-face. Don’t look to man to be a go-between simply because it feels easier, you will be missing out.
  • Don’t be afraid. He is good and His plans are to prosper you and not to harm you.
  • Make the time. Don’t let time wasters keep you from sowing the time needed into the relationship.
  • Don’t let the relationship feel like a chore. Ask Him what HE wants His relationship with you to look like and do that, even if it’s different from what anybody else does. He’s going to pick something that works for you two, for the way He’s wired you. What this looks like may shift over time and that’s ok!
  • Enjoy Him and enjoy the journey. Give yourself grace to hear wrong and course correct, but don’t give up – it is all part of the process. And in the midst of it you will be growing closer and closer to Him, which is the point ultimately anyhow. 🙂

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