How-to Increase the Flow (Hearing the Voice of God part 2)

Those who are familiar with Dyed4you Ministries (which I have the honor of leading) know that I am passionate about hearing the voice of God. It is the primary mission of the ministry and a strong personal passion. As such, it’s a topic that comes up frequently. One of my first posts on Hearing God’s Voice was a little over seven years ago, and this post picks up where that one leaves off. This small pearl is a bit of encouragement and practical how-to on hearing the voice of God or operating in the flow.

When I talk about “hearing the voice of God” really I’m just talking about Him communicating with you. And in the same way you might wave in greeting to someone and communicate a “hello” without saying a word, God also communicates via a plethora of methods. Some examples are:

  • Seeing (as with your spiritual eyes) a picture (as in a still image) or vision (which is more like a movie)
  • Experiencing an encounter, which is like an interactive vision
  • Sensing something (e.g. sensing a word or phrase, sensing an image or feeling)
  • Hearing (as with your spiritual ears) a song (either new or existing)
  • Hearing (as with your spiritual ears) words – for me this happens as I meditate on scripture (this is how the Prophetic Nuggets are birthed)
  • Writing words as you sense or hear then with your spiritual senses – this is similar to the previous one, but for some people they don’t “hear” until they begin to “write” (this could be by hand or typed, whichever works for the individual)

One of the keys I’ve found at increasing the flow is to be a good steward of what He has already given. As part of this, I encourage you to take the time to document what He’s already given. This is a type of journaling (which we sometimes call prophetic scribing). 

This isn’t about whether or not you’re a good writer. This is about preserving what God has revealed. Doing so also better enables you to see patterns and make connections, and generally increase the flow. I go into greater specifics on what to do with what you receive in my post How-to Receive What God Shares with You (Genesis 37).

Hopefully this has been both a blessing and an encouragement to you! May Papa increase the flow of His voice into your life and may you be overwhelmed by His love.

In closing I’m going to steal the bulleted list from my Choosing to Hear God (Exodus 20:18-21) & How-to Receive D4Y Art/Silk post because they’re perfect here too 🙂

  • Spend time building the strength of your spiritual senses. Nothing is more important (or as sweet) as intimacy with the One who loves you and completely understands you because He made you.
  • Trust that He will help hone your spiritual senses. He WANTS to talk with you.
  • Choose to meet Him face-to-face. Don’t look to man to be a go-between simply because it feels easier, you will be missing out.
  • Don’t be afraid. He is good and His plans are to prosper you and not to harm you.
  • Make the time. Don’t let time wasters keep you from sowing the time needed into the relationship.
  • Don’t let the relationship feel like a chore. Ask Him what HE wants His relationship with you to look like and do that, even if it’s different from what anybody else does. He’s going to pick something that works for you two, for the way He’s wired you. What this looks like may shift over time and that’s ok!
  • Enjoy Him and enjoy the journey. Give yourself grace to hear wrong and course correct, but don’t give up – it is all part of the process. And in the midst of it you will be growing closer and closer to Him, which is the point ultimately anyhow. ?

Blessings as you seek Him!

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