Receiving a Prophetic Word: An Example

Having been part of a prophetic ministry for years, I am passionate about helping people understand all aspects of the prophetic. On the Dyed4you Ministries site, we share About Our Silk Letters & Art Words and how they’re birthed. On my personal blog, I’ve shared about operating in the prophetic (Keys for Hearing God, How-to Follow the Leading of God, Hearing God’s Voice and How-to Increase the Flow (Hearing the Voice of God part 2)) as well as what to do with what you get (How-to Receive What God Shares with You (Genesis 37), Choosing to Hear God (Exodus 20:18-21) & How-to Receive D4Y Art/Silk, Types of Personal Prophetic Words, and How-To Receive a Prophetic Word).


The purpose of this post is to give you a practical example of what receiving a prophetic word looks like in action. In the same way that Dyed4you Art offers Prophetic “Portraits”, there are many other prophetic ministries that offer prophetic words or prophetic art or silks that come with such words. I like to sow into those ministries by ordering their products (or donating if it’s a ministry that simply does the words without a product connected). I also think it’s important for me to remember what it feels like to be on that side of the interaction because it helps me remember what our customers experience when receiving something from us.

The word I’m going to use in this example comes from a gifted prophetic artist named Amy Rylander. One of the things we’ve learned through Dyed4you art and silks is that more than one person can receive the same word and God will speak something unique to each of them. It isn’t about getting a “new” word necessarily, but rather the right word (I share more about this in About Our Silk Letters & Art Words). With our Prophetic “Portraits” and with Amy’s Personal Prophetic Paintings, after the commissioned piece has been created, prints are available for purchase for anyone who feels drawn to them.

Overview of Receiving the Word

The piece Amy got for me is called Lighthouse of Hope (prints are available on her website). Part of the reason I felt led to use this word is because of the sheer number of confirmations. It is what I call a Confirming and Expanding Word (for definitions and a greater explanation see post Types of Personal Prophetic Words). 

As I pondered the word I’d received from Amy, I instinctively found myself moving through the steps in the Quick Reference List on our How-To Receive a Prophetic Word post. As I did so I realized it might be helpful for you all to see this process as an example so you’d know what it looks like.

Highlights of Receiving the Word

  • So let me say that first and foremost the word Amy gave bore witness. 
  • It aligns with scripture. 
  • It bore good fruit in me. 
  • It was edifying and encouraging. 
  • As I mentioned it brought confirmations. 
  • And as I meditated on it, God gave more prophetic download. 
  • Dyed4you team members (aka my spiritual support system) indicated that it bore witness to them for me. And someone who I’ve ministered to said, “Wow! Her message to you is point on. I’m one of those drawn to the Light and hope you exude, and I’ve reached out to you many times when going through turmoil. You’ve always responded with a message of encouragement and divine insight, which helped renew hope within me. ??”

Before I go on let me add that Amy and I do not know each other personally. I wasn’t even sure if she knew I was connected to Dyed4you Ministries (or had even heard of it) until she had completed the piece she made me. But even if she had known me or had personally scoured all my posts and social media pages, there is NO WAY she could have known all these things by natural means. So I know that I know that I know this is a word of the Lord.

Prophetic Word Received

Meghan in front of Lighthouse of Hope by Amy Rylander

With that said, here’s the word she gave me, which is called Lighthouse of Hope.

Inherent meaning: Mighty
Spiritual meaning: Victorious Spirit

You are a “releaser of hope”, a Lighthouse. You shine light in the darkness so that people see. You help others see themselves from the Father’s perspective. Many people come to you when they are going through turmoil and you bring the revelation of the Father that brings such peace to the chaos and waves. You unwrap and deliver scrolls. You unlock the hidden and secret things of the kingdom by pulling back the veil so that others may see. The creative gift within you is a mighty weapon in the hand of our Father. You dispel darkness with truth.

You have a passion to bring wholeness and comfort to God’s children. You want them to know who they are in Christ. You are uniquely gifted to bring encouragement and shalom to the family of God. Your heart to share the revelation and insight you have gained is so beautiful to the Father. Your heart is, “Freely you have received, freely give.” You have mothered some, but more is coming to you. 

You are in a season of stretching. The tension you are experiencing is the Father stretching you.  He is stretching out your tent pegs and lengthening your cords. He is expanding your gift and your influence. This is often uncomfortable, but necessary to move beyond where you currently are to where He is taking you. The Lord is reordering your priorities and adjusting your schedule. It feels as though you are on the altar because you are. But He is the fourth Man in the fire with you. 

There is in increase coming to your prophetic gift. Your sight is being refined and sharpened. More clarity is coming to. Your desire for visitation is upon you.

I pray great grace to you as you transition in this time. The fruit will be abundant and plentiful.

“It is He who reveals the profound and hidden things; He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him.” Daniel 2:22

“Come, house of Jacob, and let us walk in the light of the LORD.” Isaiah 2:5

Painted by Amy Rylander 10/11/19

Confirmations and Connections

There’s so many confirmations both visually and in the word! Below are some of the things that God spoke to me and that He confirmed through this piece. This isn’t even all the confirmations and connections/further downloads, I just reached a point where I wanted to pause, and document and share a portion of what I had so far. I hope it blesses you all too. (FYI These are in no particular order.)

Names and Twos

For years I went by the name Meg though my full name is Meghan. Most people define Meghan as “pearl” – and while I receive that, it isn’t what Meghan with an H actually means. Amy found the correct definition which is only shared in a few places that I’m aware of, but God has been very specific to highlight it to me as well as its importance – Meghan vs Meg: What’s in a name?. So part of what God was reminding me through the opening of this word is my God-given identity and the power that comes with it.

Gelah Raz (Revealer of Mysteries) is arguably my favorite name of God and it comes from the second chapter of Daniel (v28) and is referencing v22 which was included in my word.

God uses multiples of the number 2 as a kind of an exclamation point for me. It’s in reference to Isaiah 22:22 which is the keys of David verse – a reminder of authority. So it including Daniel 2:22 was a God wink for me. 

Word Connections

Isaiah 54 is a scripture God gave me prophetically for a variety of reasons several of which are confirmed in this word. The reference to stretching out stakes (Isaiah 54:2-3) is confirmation to words He’s shared and things He’s said recently that He’s doing. 

God also used the word He gave me through Isaiah 54 to promise many spiritual offspring, which was also confirmed in this word. 

Another part of the Isaiah 54 Word was that God was giving me stones – precious stones in different colors. This part of the word didn’t make much sense at the time, God had given me a word a year or so later about bringing me rocks that are actually hidden gems. He said He was going to bring me people who had been hurt and had identity issues, so that I could love on them, speak life to them, and give them hope. I shared part of that word on the Dyed4you blog in a post called Cleaning Gems. Again, more confirmation.

Connected to this imperfect yet beautiful theme is a word I received in 2010, He sees me as “Flawless”. Papa had downloaded a silk called Flawless and then told me it was for me as well as the recipient. I adored that silk and the kiss from heaven it represented for me. Unfortunately, the first time I wore it, it got ripped! (In the now 13 years since beginning Dyed4you – much of that time wearing silks daily, this is the ONLY silk I’ve ripped.) At first I was devastated, but then I realized Papa was speaking even through that. What He was saying was that even imperfect, it was beautiful. So when my Lighthouse of Hope piece was damaged in shipping and arrived with a small tear in the canvas, Papa immediately connected it to the Flawless silk and my testimony. So now my painting, like the silk, reminds me that though we may be imperfect, that doesn’t mean we aren’t beautiful. Imperfectly perfect. 

Other Thoughts and Connections

The other thought that the tear brought to mind was one Amy shared when I told her what happened. She said it reminded her of the tearing of the veil during the crucifixion, which speaks to intimacy and access. This bore witness to me too. (And for the record, I specifically told her I wanted to keep the torn canvas)

Lighthouses are a favorite symbol of my mother’s (and two other favorites of hers are included). And as I pressed into this, I sensed that in addition to the obvious symbolism of being a vessel of light and hope, Papa was also indicating this is a generational anointing – a blessing, a spiritual legacy. 

I had to laugh at the season of stretching because it’s so accurate and in a decidedly unspiritual way. My dog who was my faithful companion passed on and God brought us a new dog. But he is younger and bigger than I would’ve selected myself, but God was very clear in His instructions which left no doubt Chief was His choice for us. Additionally, the dog is a “morning person.” I am not (like I’m known for my completely upside down schedule.) So when the word said God was readjusting my schedule… let’s just say I got the word two days after the dog and it was quickly apparent God was not kidding! Now mind you I don’t doubt God is doing something spiritual too, but I’m hyperconscious of it in the natural realm at the moment. What’s interesting is that God’s assurance this shift is from Him has made me have so much more grace in the transition. He is so good.

Further Prophetic Downloads

In addition to all the confirmations above, Papa downloaded a number of Prophetic Nuggets (aka Daily Downloads) to me that are connected.

And those Prophetic Nuggets ended up going into a Dyed4you word (I dyed a Dyed4you flute in the style) in addition to further download from the one Dyed4you Leadership team members, a portion of a Dyed4you Art word that has specific sentimental meaning, and some recent downloads God had given me that are connected. The name of it is Releaser of Hope (which can be read on the Dyed4you Ministry blog). 

The Releaser of Hope word that goes with my flute expands and builds on the Lighthouse of Hope download from Amy. At Dyed4you Ministries we like to say our words are a portion of a conversation, not a conversation in its entirety. The same held true with this word. So it brought confirmation and inspired further prophetic download – just as it should. God is so good! 

Closing Thoughts

It is truly a beautiful this to see how much life can come forth from a prophetic word. When we get to see the breath of God truly bringing forth increase through what He has prompted to be spoken. This is how it’s supposed to look and how we are supposed to minister to one another. My hope is that by being transparent in my own experience, you are blessed and learn how to make the most out of your own as well. Blessings as you seek Him!

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