Updates (Scarf Stories & Lent)

Scarf Stories

For those who don’t know, God had me start dyeing scarves back in 2006.  God tells me what they should look like and gives me names and sometimes a word that goes with them.  Often, I get to hear fantastic testimonies of what God has done through these pieces of silk.  I call those testimonies Scarf Stories.

I just posted new ones this week – you might enjoy checking them out!


The fasting is going well.  I have to say that once I got over the lack of contact (referring to lack of Twitter and Facebook), I was shocked at how much I did not miss the “noise”.  I’ve realized that the steady stream of pings throughout the day had become a total distraction.  And although part of me was tempted to dump them both for good – I decided instead it is better (and more character building for me) to learn how to use them in moderation.

Not totally sure what that looks like, but I still have a month for God to tell me 🙂

I found a blog of a local pastor who was talking about Why We Can’t Handle Being Alone – largely in reference to our society’s dependance on social media and texting/cell phones to avoid ever having to be along and as a result we never really get to experience solitude… yet it’s in the solitude that we meet with God.  It is a great blog and includes a short video (two and a half minutes) – take a peek if you have a moment!

2 thoughts on “Updates (Scarf Stories & Lent)

  1. Remember when I loved the noise?….Now I really cherish my time alone with God. I still have some noise going on in my life, as you know, but it’s different now.

    You’re going to come out of this fast renewed….I’m praying for you!

  2. I love your scarf stories. It’s always amazing how God used those beautiful pieces of fabric. I even got a mama because of one. 🙂

    And as for the fast, I know he is doing some amazing things in your heart and world. This is a beautiful example of how obedient and steadfast you are in listening to his voice.

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