Last night I sensed the Lord calling me to a fast – for reasons I won’t explain, I needed further confirmation and clarification.  My confirmation came through a total stranger (who found me through my Dyed4you website) who God awoke at 1:30 this morning with a word for me that I was to “consecrate unto Him a fast”.

He brought details through a variety of methods (including the woman) – and so apparently this year I will be observing Lent, which means I’m fasting until Easter (it’s 40 days but for some reason Sundays aren’t counted – so technically like 46 days).

Some of the things included in the fast are distractions – like Twitter, Facebook (and apparently I’m not alone in this), TV, and movies.  There’s more too, but I’ll share more later perhaps, but I mostly just wanted to throw out there what the focus is…


That’s the point of the fast – holiness unto the Lord.  Gaining a deeper understanding of what it means and what it means to be a “chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God” (1 Peter 2:9).  I’m excited to see what He wants to show me… He’s certainly going to great lengths to get my focused attention!

God, have Your way – in my heart and in this fast.  I welcome Your work in me.  Increase my understanding of who You have made me to be.  Show me what it means to be holy… holy unto You!

Give me the grace to walk out the fast You’ve called me to.  I trust Your plans. I trust Your heart for me. I trust You.

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