Abiding (John 15)

Last April, God was speaking to me about abiding in Him and that as we do we cannot sin.  Recently, as I meditated on that God showed me a vision of me literally stepping into the body of Jesus. As He moved I moved in unison. Being one. Far exceeding the intimacy husbands and wives experience as the two become one flesh.

As the Lord was showing me, as I was inside Him – abiding in Him – I fully understood why I could not sin. Jesus is completely holy, if I am abiding in Him no sin can be there. For me to sin, I have to move outside Him. I have to break our unity – stop abiding – to be able to sin.

This picture impacted me powerfully and now I will stop periodically to check myself – where am I? Am I in Him? Am I abiding? And if I’m not, repent and realign myself with Him.  Then God had me join it with John 15.

The word abide used throughout John 15 is the same greek word as 1 John 3:6, meno meaning “sojourn, tarry; not to depart; dwell”. With that definition, I want to share some thoughts to ponder – I’ve noted which verses from John 15 the thoughts come from 🙂

  • Abide, dwell in Him. Do not depart from Him. v4
  • Let Him abide in you – make yourself a place He wants to be. v4
  • You cannot bear fruit unless you abide in Him. v5
  • If you abide in Him, you WILL bear much fruit. v5
  • Apart from Him you will NOT bear fruit. v5
  • If you choose not to abide in Him – dwell with Him – you will be destroyed (this is not a threat, this is truth). v6
  • If you rest in Him, dwell in Him, be one with Him, you can ask ANYTHING and it will be done. v7
  • Let His words abide in you… meditate on His word, live His word, walk His commandments out in your life. v7
  • Dwell in His Love. Sojourn in His love. v9
  • The key to abiding is keeping His commandments. v10
  • If you abide in Him and He and His words in you, your joy will be full. v11

Pause to consider… are you abiding in Him? What things in your life are drawing you away from Him? Or keeping you from being a place He’d want to be? This takes us to the topic of sin vs permissible vs beneficial.

My prayer today is that we would take the time to allow You to prune us. Show us areas we are in sin – areas we are breaking unity with You. I pray we’d be willing and eager to receive Your chastening remembering You chasten those You love. Help us to be vessels in which You want to dwell. Teach us to abide… we want to be one with You!

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  2. Wow, Thank you for reposting this. I love this, I am going to print it off. There is much to chew on here, it is a lot of what I was sharing with you yesterday. Thank you 🙂

  3. What eyes to see through! I’m so glad I selected this blog to read tonight. The perfect union of intimacy can only bring about blessing and life.

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