Translations (Luke 2:11)

I spent some time researching something a friend had shared about Luke 2:11 and it yet again reminded me we MUST study the word, which means not getting glued to one translation (since it’s likely faulty anyhow), but rather truly taking time to dig.

The New Testament has a plethora of issues many of which come from most modern translations having come from Greek source documents rather than Hebrew/Aramaic. The fundamental issue with that is that Hebrew is FAR more concrete, while Greek tends to be more philosophical leaving far more leeway for personal interpretation.

While that that’s lovely for those who want to support what THEY want to believe, it is not as helpful if you truly just want to know what the Father wants and do that.  Give me concrete.

I concede I am not a bible scholar, but I know enough to be dangerous – LOL!  And there are schools of thought – those far more learned than I – who believe the original language of the NT was Hebrew/Aramaic, which is logical considering we’re largely talking about a bunch of Hebrews here.  It is believed that under Roman rule, Hebrew/Aramaic documents were destroyed, which logically leaves us with Greek NT source materials.

Again – I’m not an expert, but it’s compelling if nothing else. And recently I acquired a new bible, Hebraic Roots Version aka HRV (read the intro), which has a NT translated from Hebrew/Aramaic.  There have been some interesting differences, including the Luke 2:11 verse I mentioned.

First let me let you read it in the ESV:

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

A familiar verse no doubt.  Now take a peek at this in the HRV:

For to you are born today in the city of David the savior, who is YHWH, the Messiah.

Please note it clearly says Yeshua is YHWH, which is a significant difference!

I’m not actually advocating HRV over every other bible, the fact is I use MANY different translations. I believe that as we dig – seeking Him diligently – He will reveal many different gems to us. He is the Revealer of Mysteries after all 😉

Father help us to hear Your truth and not to be confused or distracted by man’s bias or doctrine – we desire to know You and what You desire us to do and how to live and to know who You are!  Give us eyes to see and ears to hear that we might know You and Your will.  Help us not be frustrated as we dig in Your word, but to find it GOOD food – nourishing and a blessing.

One thought on “Translations (Luke 2:11)

  1. Luke 2:11 reads as the Messiah lord, not the Lord God. Yahweh Messiah is inaccurate. Luke carefully calls him in 2:26 the Lord’s Messiah.
    “Messiah lord” in 2:11 precisely says that Jesus is not Lord God, but lord Messiah, just as Ps 110:1 differentiates the Lord God from the lord Messaih (adoni, my lord, not my Lord.

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