Adir (Great, Mighty)

As I was pondering the Hebrew letter aleph, I came across a list of Names of God that include the letter, and one was highlighted: Adir (H117), which essentially means great (majestic/noble) and mighty (strength/power). In other words, it’s a weighty name. But what I found particularly beautiful about this name is that this is something we can be called too. 

When we are put in a position of authority or responsibility, we too are adir. This makes sense when we consider that all authority and power come from God and it is up to us what we do with what we’ve been given. This is a sobering thought, for to whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48). And yet, we as we remember He is Adir – the Mighty One, we know that as we align with Him and operate in His image, we walk in a place of power and righteousness.

So the key (as always) is then to ensure our alignment with God, and alignment comes through relationship, through abiding. Just as you know how someone you have a close relationship with will act in one situation or another simply because of the depth of relationship that exists, so must we have that same intimacy with God. This isn’t something laborious, this is simply having open dialog on an ongoing basis (bear in mind dialog goes two directions). 

Then when you are gifted authority (i.e. responsibility), you will be able to move forward unhindered and in wisdom because what you need is both already deposited in you and is coming to you in an ongoing flow.

1 Chronicles 29:11-13 (AMP) Yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty, indeed everything that is in the heavens and on the earth; Yours is the dominion and kingdom, O Lord, and You exalt Yourself as head over all. Both riches and honor come from You, and You rule over all. In Your hand is power and might; and it is in Your hands to make great and to give strength to everyone. Now therefore, our God, we thank You, and praise Your glorious name.

Dyed4you Art pieces called Adir (Great/Mighty)

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