Fear of the Lord (Summary)

A summary of Fear of the Lord entry.

Attributes/Characteristics of one who fears the Lord:

  • abide with the Lord
  • bless and do not curse
  • do not oppress (put down or burden) others
  • do the right thing (have integrity)
  • don’t envy sinners
  • dwell at ease (free from care or worry)
  • friends to others who fear God
  • greatly revere the Lord
  • hate a mouth that is disobedient, gossips, or stirs up trouble
  • hate arrogance
  • hate evil and evil ways
  • hate pride
  • hates covetousness (greed)
  • hold nothing back from Him
  • honest
  • honor their elders
  • honorable
  • honored
  • inherit the earth
  • kind and not cruel
  • know they are not god
  • listen to God, believe what He says, and are obedient to Him
  • listen to testimonies
  • obey His commandments and teach their children to as well
  • perfect holiness
  • ready to share their own testimony with humility and Godly fear
  • serve Him sincerely and in truth and serve no other gods
  • stay free from sin
  • submit (yield) to one another
  • tithe
  • treat their brothers and sisters fairly and kindly
  • will not leave Him
  • work as though they work for Him
  • worship (praise) Him

Promises for those who fears the Lord:

  • accepted by Him
  • angels all around them for protection
  • beginning of knowledge / brings knowledge
  • beginning of wisdom
  • blessings / great blessings
  • delivered – rescued
  • given a banner (victory)
  • given victory and strength
  • God has compassion on them
  • God shares His secrets and covenant with them
  • God watches over them
  • God will remember His promises to them
  • great goodness
  • great mercy
  • He will hear their cry, and save them
  • it will be well with them
  • life, contentment, and leaves you untouched by troubles
  • multiplication
  • preserved
  • prolonged life
  • prosper
  • protected from gossip
  • protected in hardship
  • protection
  • provided for
  • shall be praised
  • the Lord takes pleasure in them
  • the Lord will fulfill their desire
  • the power of God
  • they will be hidden in the secret of His presence
  • wealth, honor, and life
  • will not lack
  • wisdom

6 thoughts on “Fear of the Lord (Summary)

  1. You know, this is really an amazing study that the Lord has walked you through. I’ve returned to it several times since first reading it, and find it to be quite interesting. Different aspects have stood out to me each time I’ve read it. But one thing stands out overall. God tells us very clearly how to live, and if we receive his instruction and live it out, he is faithful to provide all that he has promised. I see that in your life, and it makes me want to press in to him more. Not just to get his promises, but to please him so much that he would want to pour out every good thing in my life. Not for the good things, but for his heart to be in that stature towards me. He’s a good God.

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