In Your Presence

God loves to give me object lessons through my furry friends (my dogs) This isn’t the first time He’s whispered to me about hanging out with Him through my furry beast (ClosenessFree to Choose ClosenessSigns & Wonders vs. Intimacy, and another new one What Aroma are You Leaving?). However, this one was so clever I did a double take when I realized what happened. 

Let me begin by saying I have shot hundreds of worship videos without Max walking in on them. A couple he was already in there, but I don’t think he has ever come in in the middle of recording. Yesterday he did. 

You’ll hear his paws tapping on the linoleum as he approaches and steps down into the living room, pausing waiting for me to formally invite him to come close. Then he just comes in to be near me (he wanders to the other side for a moment to sniff the dirt he’d brought in on his paws earlier that I hadn’t vacuumed yet LOL). He literally is just happily waiting at my feet, content to be near me and wait for my attention.

What a beautiful picture this paints for how we should be with Papa. Boldly approaching as He beckons us near, content to be by His side as we wait to hear from Him. Love this 🙂

But here’s what made this moment extra special for me. You’ll notice he comes in at the exact moment the song starts the lyrics, “I finally found where I belong. I finally found where I belong in your presence. I finally found where I belong, it’s to be with you. To be with you.” LOL – that is so awesome to me 🙂

I hope you enjoy the clip. You’ll hear me doing puppy talk nonsense to him. You’ll hear “skunk” and “stinky” a few times because he’d gotten sprayed by a skunk the night before and though very cute for you to look at on video, he is pretty pungent in person at present LOL! Although I suppose that too is a message, no matter how fouled up we are, He will still love us and not reject us because He is a GOOD Father! Hope you enjoy the clip and are blessed by this sweet parallel. 

Oh and this flag doesn’t have a name yet, but the word has been being birthed slowly during our time together. It will end up on the blog eventually! (posted 14 February 2017 Silk: Formed in Love)

Thank You Father for sweet reminders that You just want us to hang out with You! You love us to abide with You, help us to still ourselves and quiet ourselves enough to do so. May we make it a priority just to be with You…

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  1. Ah…..dogs and horses, it doesn’t get any better then that. ? Love how Papa uses such simple things for object lessons in our livers

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  4. What a beautiful picture. I so appreciate your writings. They draw me closer to Him. I have had The Lord speak through my cat as well ??????

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