Our Father

Our Father which art in heaven…”

(Matthew 6:9)

Our Father.

He is ours. Not just mine but ours. We share. Yet He also is mine. In the sense of ownership. He is mine and thereby I am His. If He is my Father, I am His child. I belong to Him. And He fulfills all the attributes a Father should to me.

He provides. Protects. Loves. Dotes on. Cherishes. Disciplines. Teaches. Cares for. Cares about. Has fun with. Is a role model for.

Wow. Selah.

This evening at church Kirk Bennett spoke again and he was talking about the mysteries of God in conjunction with God’s position as our Father.  His word picture resonated with me and also had specific meaning because God has been talking to me about Gelah Raz – His name meaning “Revealer of Mysteries”.  I still need to blog on that, but Kirk’s word picture was this:

When I play hide and seek with my two-year-old son, it is not hard for me to hide.  If I wanted to I could get in my car and drive off 5 miles… what’s the likelihood he’d find me then?  But instead, I hide behind a curtain with the toe of one shoe sticking out… the point is I want to be found… but I want to be sought out.

Wow, God is that way!  Suddenly I loved Him even more because He has these mysteries for us because we like it!  We like the chase, we like the hunt… it engages us and makes us think… and He loves to watch us work… see how we work through things… He loves us.  He’s a good Daddy.  He’s not hiding things to be mean, but He knows how much more we will value what is found if we’ve had to work for it a bit.

And frankly, it’s all about the relationship we build along the way… the time spent together is a FAR greater treasure than the mysteries being revealed… because He is the greatest mystery.  And the greatest treasure.

Wow.  Selah.

Which art in heaven.

He’s not an earthly father, trying their best but still human and imperfect. He is perfect.  He is perfection itself!

In heaven is not removed in a sense of being far away because He is omnipresent and heaven is described as “encompassing“, yet it enables a  perspective far beyond our imagination.  The heavens are likened to an “unrolled scroll” – that sounds like wisdom and mysteries revealed to me!

The heavens are so much greater than I can comprehend… which to me makes me think of reverence.  The fear of the Lord.  He is in heaven… He is worthy… and worthy because of far more than just that, but just that alone would make Him worthy.  And God doesn’t just dwell in heaven – He dwells in the highest heaven.

And since He’s in heaven, He has the storehouses of heaven at His disposal. No wonder our needs must seem small to Him. He has access to everything – “the silver and gold are Mine” (Haggai 2:8). He is well able to provide for us.  Well able.

I also can’t help but think of heaven as the spiritual realm.  The concordance lists it as the air, sky, and heavenlies… all of which cause me to think of the spiritual realm.  The essence of God that is Spirit… He is spiritual.

I’ll have to chew on that some more I started tweaking and adding and now it’s 1:26am! 🙂

Thank You Lord for the mysteries You’ve laid out for us to discover together… like a big treasure hunt that You’ve been waiting for me to take interest in… You are captivating me… hold my gaze and keep me focused… draw me deeper still… I want more of You!

Thank You for loving me so much.  You are such an amazing God… I bless Your name!

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3 Replies to “Our Father”

  1. Meg, thanks for inviting me to your blog. I am wondering two things, girl, do you ever sleep? and what does selah mean? I will have to look that one up! You really have a gift for witnessing from the heart. Thanks for sharing your faith. Dianne

  2. LOL! To your first question… yes, but not as much as I should (sleep). And to your second question, Selah means stop and chew on it… let it sink in. 🙂

    God bless!

  3. I coudn’t help but think of my birthday present when reading this. You are hiding it, not to be mean, but to make it extra special when the day arrives. You are really enjoying hearing my thoughts and hearing me work through it. Like you said about God, you enjoy watching me work it out in my head. And in about 32 days you’ll reveal the mystery… and be just as excited as I have been.

    Makes me think of God. He has these things that he keeps back rather than just handing them to us. That way we learn to look, we learn to think, we learn to ask. And then the day comes, and I can almost see him bursting with excitement when he gets to give us the mysteries. What a beautiful thing!

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